40th Championship Show

Judge: Ivor Keyes ~ Keysdale (U.K) 
13th March, 2011       Entry – 238

  BABY PUPPY DOG    8 entered, 0 absent   BABY PUPPY BITCH    24 entered, 6 absent
1st Harved Blinded By The White: T Cox & D Huon 1st Brohez Black Art: F McBride
2nd Borolo Like A Rock: K Waddel 2nd Borstaff Humbug: A & N Kelton
3rd Borstaff Betta Than Ever: L Szirer 3rd Brohez Dakota Diva: F McBride
4th Brohez Black Soprano: C Meier 4th Justaffied Black Ash: L Boland
5th Solidrock Pyromaniac: K Cairns & S Hanley 5th Blackshot Thunder Alley: S Smid & S Hughes
  MINOR PUPPY DOG   5 entered, 0 absent   MINOR PUPPY BITCH   11 entered, 1 absent
1st Dreamcatcher A League Of His Own: L & N Carroll 1st Fullafire Devil U Know: T Huitema
2nd Dreamcatcher Hes Contagious: Carroll & Darragh 2nd Kypajuka Widows Dorta (AI): P & J Walsh
3rd Kypajuka Eye Of The Storm (AI): Steele & Walsh 3rd Boldhart Black Magic Woman: P Yeates
4th Fullafire Speak Of The Devil: T Huitema 4th Reewen Whendee Woo: Fry & Pleydell-Fry
5th Remblak Carbine: M Brandrick 5th Skybreaker Hedgewitch: P Harrison & S Driscoll
  PUPPY DOG   7 entered, 2 absent   PUPPY BITCH    10 entered, 2 absent
1st Toploader All In Jack: C Heard 1st Boldhart Whole Lotta Rosie: ABaxter
2nd Borstaff Golly Gosh By George: D Treadwell 2nd Brookshire Lady Cassandra: N & S Brooks
3rd Truhaven Bust A Move: Truhaven Knls 3rd Brookshire Black Opal: F & M Coetzer
4th Warmaster Take A Shot (Imp NZ): Smid & Hughes 4th Borstaff Ring Around Rosie: R & M Paice
5th Brookshire Davros: N & S Brooks 5th Borstaff But Beautiful: L Szirer
JUNIOR DOG   10 entered, 2 absent JUNIOR BITCH    16 entered, 2absent
1st Ch Neworder Never Miss A Beat: B & K Marsh 1st Highbourne Magic Of Sydney (AI):C&JFrazer
2nd Lionsden Express Train: T Sutherland 2nd Caybre Lady Gaga: K Osborne
3rd Borstaff Granville Bennet: R Laurier 3rd Highbourne Triscay (AI): A & W Clewley
4th Staffloch Devils Kiss: L Wylie 4th Mosstrooper Marjorie Razorblade (AI): S Consadine
5th Charmstaff Cum N Get Me: M & C Frater 5th Blackshot Itza Kinda Magic: S Smid & S Hughes
  INTERMEDIATE DOG   13 entered, 1 absent   INTERMEDIATE BITCH    15 entered, 2 absent
1st Artisinal Why So Serious: L Findlater 1st Ch Artisinal The Pawn Queen: Bawden & McCaughey
2nd Lynneve Black Hawk Down: L Hopgood 2nd Ch Toploader Black Maria: C Heard
3rd Powerpark Rockafella: B Power 3rd Ch Tiamostaff Little Tyler: D Yates
4th Ch Kypajuka Violent Demise: P & J Walsh 4th Vanstaff Dont Miss Me: P Kane
5th Toploader Little Brick: C Heard 5th Neworder Hot Gossip: B & K Marsh
  GRADUATE DOG   9 entered, 1 absent   GRADUATE BITCH   12 entered, 1 absent
1st Linwest Hercules: S Ryan 1st Powerpaws Magical Mystery Tour: Powerpaws Knls
2nd Charmstaff Al Capone: M & C Frater 2nd Jehard Breathless Mahoney: C & A Salisbury
3rd Lowryder Escape The Fate: A Swift 3rd Jajca Storm In A Teacup (Imp UK): I & A Peggie
4th Lekston Lil Jester: A Stone 4th Likalot New Moon: B Power
5th Wilstaffs Out Of The Phoenix (Imp UK): Morse & Griffiths 5th DardaniansVampetine At Fantazmic (Imp UK ): S Lambert
  LIMIT DOG    8 entered, 1 absent   LIMIT BITCH   13 entered, 0 absent
1st Skybreaker Electric Haze: Harrison & Driscoll 1st Steelback Miss Moonshine: F Jolly
2nd Vanstaff Black Brew: K Osborne 2nd Ourgang I Want It Now: A Wolf
3rd Brohez Archibald Da Rogue: K Coulson 3rd Koznar Zenas Precious Gift: L & K Holahan
4th Jeolena Hsv Maloo: L & M Boland 4th Charmstaff Crown Jewell: M & C Frater
5th Strzeleki Flamin Redhot: Birchall & Draper 5th Merroha Undercover Lover: D Flegg
  AUSTRALIAN BRED DOG   10 entered, 3 absent   AUSTRALIAN BRED BITCH   21 entered, 5 absent
1st Ch Jagarra Cool McCool: Long & Korn 1st Ch Linwest Midnight Angel: C Kilby
2nd Ch Powerpaws Just Do It: K Lee 2nd Ch Brohez Sheza Pearla: F McBride
3rd Ch Boldhart Geard Forthe Top: A Baxter 3rd Dreamcatcher Its Not About Him: Carroll & Goldsmith
4th Ch Seighford Ike Oodntwait: D & F Lowe 4th Tussler Fleur De Lis (AI): S Todd
5th Likalot Set A Trend: D & B Livingstone 5th Likalot Back To You: D & B Livingstone
  OPEN DOG    19 entered, 4 absent   OPEN BITCH    18 entered, 2 absent
1st Gr Ch Castlebar Crown Jester: A Bawden 1st Ch Joden Temptress: K Roebig
2nd Gr Ch Borstaff Ned Notlysocks: F McBride 2nd Araidh Tea Leaf (Imp UK): A & W Clewely
3rd Ch Fantazmic Jet To Wooloo (Imp UK): S Lambert 3rd Gr Ch Rayonnoire Canny Bairn: C & J Frazer
4th Ch Jamelkur Street Lethal: E & L Birkeland 4th Ch Seighford Surprise Packet: M Brandrick
5th Ch Highbourne Dancing Brave (AI): C & J Frazer 5th Ch Linwest Ella Enchanted: G & M Lindsey
  Dog Challenge: Gr Ch Castlebar Crown Jester   Bitch Challenge: Steelback Miss Moonshine
  Reserve Dog Challenge: Skybreaker Electric Haze   Reserve Bitch Challenge: Ch Artisinal The Pawn Queen
  Neuter Dog & Challenge     2 entered, 1 absent   Neuter BITCH & Challenge    7 entered, 3 absent
1st Ch Tanspark White Knight: J Butler & M O’Brien 1st Dual Ch.Ourgang Misguided Angel FDM: A Wolf
2nd   2nd Ch Lapwing Raunchy Rita: J Morse
    3rd Ch Jamelkur Bowtie Babe: E & L Birkeland
4th Koendidda Lapis Lazuli: Koendidda Kennels
BEST IN SHOW   - Steelback Miss Moonshine
RUNNER UP IN SHOW  - Gr Ch Castlebar Crown Jester
Opposite In Show  - Gr Ch Castlebar Crown Jester
BABY PUPPY IN SHOW  - Harved Blinded By The White
MINOR PUPPY IN SHOW  - Fullafire Devil U Know
OPPOSITE MINOR PUPPY IN SHOW  - Dreamcatcher A League Of His Own
PUPPY IN SHOW  - Boldhart Whole Lotta Rosie
OPPOSITE PUPPY IN SHOW  - Toploader All In Jack
JUNIOR IN SHOW   - Ch Neworder Never Miss A Beat
OPPOSITE JUNIOR IN SHOW   - Highbourne Magic Of Sydney (AI)
INTERMEDIATE IN SHOW  Ch Artisinal The Pawn Queen
GRADUATE IN SHOW  - Powerpaws Magical Mystery Tour
LIMIT IN SHOW  - Steelback Miss Moonshine
OPPOSITE LIMIT IN SHOW  - Skybreaker Electric Haze
AUSTRALIAN BRED IN SHOW  - Ch Linwest Midnight Angel
OPEN IN SHOW  - Gr Ch Castlebar Crown Jester
OPPOSITE OPEN IN SHOW  - Ch Joden Temptress
Neuter In Show  - Dual Ch.Ourgang Misguided Angel FDM
OPPOSITE Neuter In Show  - Ch Tanspark White Knight