th Championship Show

Judge: Ivor Keyes ~ Keysdale (U.K) 
13th March, 2011       Entry – 238

It was indeed an honour and a pleasure to judge at this the 40th Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of Victoria Show.  Having never judged in Australia before it was a great experience to see the different types of Stafford here today. In the UK the breed is becoming more polarised
in my opinion. Although the majority of the play off placings went to bitches I still felt that on balance the overall quality of the dogs was
marginally better.
The breed here is generally of a stronger type  than back home in the UK but the basic attributes of the breed are on display and it was also refreshing to find so many strong bitches. I found toplines and  shoulder  placement very good, but this tended to be accompanied by increased length. There was an abundance of good bone , and straight clean fronts, but movement behind was often too close.
If I had an area for concern it would be the extreme rear angulation displayed by a number of exhibits which is so untypical of our Breed.

Out of the show ring my thanks go to the exhibitors and committee for making my stay in Victoria  a very memorable and enjoyable one.

Baby Puppy Dog
My first ever baby puppy class, and I was pleasantly surprised. Behaviour and presentation was very good. At this stage so much can change,
it would be unfair to try to make a judgement on mouths and the advantage a month can make at this age would make it an unfair comparison if relied upon too heavily. I just settled for typey young dogs as a criteria.

1st - Cox and Huon’s Harved Blinded by the White
White as name implies. Strong  and nicely put together puppy , well off for bone, straight front, blocky head, a little long cast. He’s rather heavy in ear at the moment, but they are well set. He has a nice expression and dark eye. He carried himself well and there is a lot to like about him. Very smart and well presented.

2nd - Waddel’s BOROLO LIKE A ROCK
Neat brindle puppy that has a dark round eye and a nice expression,  movement was OK. He gave away to the maturity of the first but has a  nice head,  well set ears, nice square profile and level topline. Again, he carried himself well.

3rd - Szirer’s Borstaff Betta than Ever
Strong  5 month old black brindle puppy, a bigger size than first two. He has a strong head with strong square muzzle  and a lot of bone, well set ears, and darkest of  eyes.  A very cool young man that  shows great character.

Minor Puppy Dog


Stylish  black brindle with a pleasing head and expression, well set ears, nice body and topline but rather tight in front at this age, hopefully
this will develop,  moved OK. good bone, nice quarters, well set tail. 

Black brindle and similar in type to first. Again a  nice head and expression, with neat well set ears. A little more upright in shoulder and longer in back than winner. He has a level topline and  nice bend of stifle. 

3rd - Steele and Walsh Kypajuka Eye Of The Storm
Little stronger than first two and looks  a little plainer in type at this stage of development  but probably has more scope to make into a good Stafford. A little tightfronted just now which restricted his movement slightly, but I was taken by  his overall conformation. Time will be in his favour.

All three had well shaped bodies and were put down in good show condition.

Puppy Dog
1st - Heard’s Toploader All In Jack
Nicely balanced, well presented brindle dog,of standard size. Nice head, enough bone, straight front, nice feet and good pigment. More rib
will help as time progresses. A tiny bit long, but has a level topline and is generally well put together. A more complete puppy just now.

2nd - Treadwell’s Borstaff Golly Gosh By George
Brindle, heavier made than first, a little plainer  but pleasing head and expression just the same. Carrying a little too much weight.  Well off
for bone. Level topline ,well balanced,  nice turn of stifle. Moved as well as any although movement in the class overall could have been better.

3rd- Truhaven Kennels’ Truhaven Bust A Move
Powerfully built black brindle.Very strong in head.Square  well boned front, good pigment. Strong quarters. Very good type of puppy that has a lot of potential if not the quite as well finished just now.  

Junior Dog
Black brindle with white foot. A very different type of dog to the previous  class winners if not to many on show today, but the basic requirements of the Breed are still evident. He was well turned out and in sparkling condition, and is well balanced . Clean head albeit a little plain  compared to what I’m used to seeing. Close short coat, well bodied dog, deep through the shoulder, with a defined waist. Well boned, clean  straight front. Well muscled quarters. Moved well both ways.

2nd -  Sutherland’s LIONSDEN EXPRESS TRAIN
Similar in type and colour  to first, but a little longer and not as broad in front, but he has good bone and a clean front. Deep through body, defined waist. In fit condition – well presented overall but tended to overstretch when stood.

3rd - Laurier’s Borstaff Granville Bennet
Strong well made dog – well up to size. Very good head, short and deep through. Quite heavily boned. Strong bodied dog which would benefit from better presentation.

Intermediate Dog
1st -  Findlater’s Artisinal Why So Serious
Predominantly white black pied. Straight well boned front , well laid shoulder, good head shape, nice expression and dark eye. Really well put together dog. Good body shape, with a  well defined waist.  Well muscled quarters. In good condition, well handled and presented.

2nd - Hopgood’s Lynneve Black Hawk Down
A little lighter framed than first and not quite as well put together  but he has enough bone, a very typey head and good expression, well muscled quarters and presented in hard condition which is a credit to the owner. 

3rd - Power’s Powerpark Rockafella
Strong well made dog, square well boned front, short coupled, well sprung ribs. Good head shape, and expression, neat well set ears. Compact profile, a  nice dog.andard sized black brindle with a pleasing head shape and expression. Well shaped body, well boned front,
well muscled quarters and good turn of stifle. Very nice coat. Moved well going away.

Graduate Dog

1st - Ryan’s Linwest Hercules
Well presented, upstanding  black brindle and white. Very nice head shape without being overdone, good  masculine expression. Well boned straight front, well laid shoulder, good rib but carrying a little too much weight. Nice turn of stifle. Moved well and handled well.

2nd  - Frater’s Charmstaff Al Capone
A little lighter framed than first and not quite as well put together  but he has enough bone, a very typey head and good expression, well muscled quarters and presented in hard condition which is a credit to the owner.

3rd - Swift’s Lowryder Escape the Fate
Upstanding tiger brindle and white. Although he appears a little rangy he has good conformation a nice head and expression, with well set ears, decent body shape, enough bone and straight front, and moved well. Very nice coat and condition. 

Limit Dog
1st -  Harrison and Driscoll’s Skybreaker Electric Haze
A well balanced dark brindle of very good breed type and outlook.  A small dog in comparison to many on display today but for me perfectly acceptable and where we should be aiming for size wise.  Lovely head shape and expression,  dark round eyes set to look straight ahead as required. A correct length of neck for this Breed, very nice front, with good bone for his size and moved well coming towards me. Good body shape, well ribbed with defined waist, level topline and in very good condition. Would have preferred more drive moving away. Reserve Challenge winner

Upstanding  black brindle and white, straightforward dog of nice type,  well boned and well bodied, nice lay of shoulder, level topline, strong quarters, nice head,  dark eye. Carrying a little more weight than the first and had a tendency to over stretch.

3rd - Coulson’s Brohez Archibald Da Rogue
Black brindle, not the head shape of Lots more about this dog than the 1st but less fleshy than the 3rd placed dog, he has a strong head, lots
of good round bone and a strong enough back end.  This fellow responded very well to his handler and his burnished brindle coat reflected
his general health. 

Australian Bred Dog
1st - Long & Korn's Ch Jaggara Cool McCool
Predominately white with small black patch under left eye. Very nice dog  - good head and expression, short deep skull and foreface, dark round eye, well set ears. Strong well boned and straight front. Very fit dog with a good ribcage and well defined waistline. Strong well muscled quarters.

2nd - Lee's Ch Powerpaws Just Do It
Good quality and attractive  tiger brindle and white. Pleasing head and  expression. Stronger head than first and of a different type however I preferred the overall balance of the first.  Good, square, well boned front. A little long in body,  well developed rib, well muscled up, nice turn of stifle and moved OK.  

3rd -  Baxter's Ch Boldhart Geard For The Top
Upstanding,  strong, well built red. Strong well boned front. Strong head. Well toned and fit throughout. Good topline, nice body shape and
tidily trimmed whip tail. Deep brisket. Moved OK. 

Open Dog
1st - Bawden’s Gr Ch Castlebar Crown Jester
Outstanding Bl/Wh pied. Top size dog. Lovely head, short blunt foreface, head deep through and with pronounced cheeks. Dark well set eye, correct ear set. Very good front and bone, excellent spring of rib, well defined waist, deep through body, level topline held on the move. Strong well muscled quarters with enough bend of stifle, profile finished of with neat whip tail. Very hard condition – moved with purpose and handled well. An excellent specimen.  Challenge winner and Res Best in Show. 

2nd - McBride’s Gr Ch Borstaff Ned Notleysocks
Black brindle and white, upstanding dog. Amazed to learn the age of the dog when writing critique – coming up for 8yrs.  Not as good a head as first and less defined in outline which is hardly surprising when you discover his age. Quality dog put down in wonderful good condition. Good front, bone and body shapeMoves and shows well.

3rd - Lambert's Ch Fantazmic Jet to Wooloo
Very tidy black brindle dog of good Breed type. Good head, good body shape, well defined waist, strong quarters. Nice size and shape.
Well boned and good front. Very nice dog.

Baby Puppy Bitch
1st -  McBride’s  Brohez Black Art
Beautifully presented black brindle, a class act at 4 months, I hope she stays that way. Very nice head shape, expression, and ear carriage. Nice front and bone. Lovely topline. About the size I would want at this age. Really smart puppy bitch and a good prospect I would think.  

2nd - Kelton's Borstaff Humbug
Not as good a head shape as first, a little older and stronger, good bone, nice front, nice topline, nice quarters. Not as well presented and
not quite the balance at this time as first but has more potential for improvement and could make the better bitch in time. 

3rd - McBrides's Brohez Dakota Diva
Sister to first and very similar. Black brindle nice front and bone, nice head and expression. Good topline, short coupled.

Minor Puppy Bitch
Black Brindle. Nice type of bitch, good quality and well put together. Straightforward bitch with a nice  head and expression. Good bone,
straight front, well ribbed body, well muscled quarters, nice turn of stifle. More mature than others in this class which about settled it for her. 

2nd - Walsh’s Kypajuka Widows Dorta
Black brindle and white. Another quality puppy, very nice head shape, nice front and bone,  good shape to her body, nice quarters.
Head shape promising to be better than first, but not as clean a front at this time.

3rd - Yeats’ Boldhart Black Magic Woman
Black brindle bitch, nice size and shape overall, well bodied puppy. Pleasing head, tidy ears. Strong enough quarters.  A size bigger all round than first 2, although still carrying  plenty of puppy fat. A little coarse in coat at the moment but I would expect this to change as she gets older.

Puppy Bitch
1st - Baxter’s Boldhart Whole Lotta Rosie
Beautiful red puppy, strong and sound throughout and made an instant impact. Strong well shaped head, ears a tiny bit heavy but they are
well set and certainly don’t detract. Strong wide front, excellent bone, well shaped body and in very fit condition for a puppy. Level topline held on the move. Gleaming coat. Strong sound quarters, moved very well both ways. A very handsom bitch.

2nd - Brooks Brookshire Lady Cassandra
Strong  black brindle with a good honest head, well set ears. Strong boned straight front albeit a little tied at the elbow. Well bodied with a tapered waist. In good firm condition. Moved well, but 1st place moved better. 

3rd - Coetzer’s  Brookshire Black Opal
Good quality bitch, but a little plainer in head than first two,and not quite as well balanced,  but still pleasing. Again, well boned and strong throughout, well muscled quarters and nice turn of stifle.

Junior Bitch
Black brindle. Beautiful junior, very mature for her age. Lovely head,  short and deep through,  distinct stop and pronounced cheeks muscles. Short strong muzzle,  good underjaw. Well set neat ears, all lending to a good expression. Good bone and straight front. Well shaped body, deep through the shoulder,  defined waist, strong quarters, short coupled. Hard show condition. Great prospect.

2nd - Osborne’s Caybre Lady Gaga
Black brindle with a typey head. Nicely balanced and nicely put together. Good shape to her, stands taller than first but not the balance at this age. Moved well.

3rd - Clewley’s Highbourne Triscay
Upstanding black brindle with a strong head, good bone, and good shape, strong quarters. Not the overall type and shape of 1st but moved really well.

Intermediate Bitch
1st - Bawden & McCaughey’s Ch Artisinal The Pawn Queen
White with black patch over left eye. Striking bitch that takes the eye.  Stands four square, straight wide front, good shoulder, excellent weight
of bone.  Balanced throughout.  Strong head,  short deep through muzzle. Good depth of brisket, short coupled well ribbed body, level topline, well muscled quarters, neat whip tail.  Moved better coming towards me than going away,  put down in very good condition. 
A first class bitch.  Bitch Res

2nd - Heard’s Ch Toploader Black Maria
Very nice type of bitch,  well balanced, pleasing head shape, ear set and expression. Not quite the bone and rib of first. Well shaped body with well tapered waist. Well muscled quarters and again put down in very good condition

3rd - Yates’ Ch Tiamostaff Little Tyler
Black brindle.  Another nice type of bitch with a lot to offer her breeder.  A good strong well made bitch with a good head shape, strong well boned front and well shaped body, again a well defined waist. Strong quarters,  presented in very good condition.

Graduate Bitch
1st  - Powerpaws Kennel’s Powerpaws Magical Mystery Tour
Strong black brindle. Strong, straight, well boned front. Good body shape, tight waist, strong quarters, typey head  and strong muzzle. Very fit and in good condition.

2nd - 2nd Salisbury’s  Jehard Breathless Myhoney
Brindle and white that moved freely. Nice head, tidy ears, dark eye, wide   front, plenty of rib, level topline.

3rd - Peggie’s Jajca Storm In A Teacup
Powerfully built bitch. Strong headpiece,  short strong muzzle. Well off for bone. Square front, well padded feet.

Limit Bitch (13)
Beautiful, mature looking  bitch that oozed quality and type. Lovely size and looked  balanced from all sides. Smashing strong head without loss of femininity, great outlook, correctly set ears, dark eye. Clean, well boned, straight front, good feet, strong pigment. Well shaped body, with a good but not excessive tuck up, looks just as good stood over her. Level topline  held pretty well on the move. Good quarters with hocks placed under her. All put down in very good show condition. Lovely bitch.  Bitch Challenge Winner and Best in Show.

2nd- Wolf’s Ourgang I Want It Now
Black brindle. A size taller  than first overall with a neat well shaped head, dark round eye, short foreface. enough of her behind the collar, strong quarters. Showed herself well.

3rd - Holahan’s Koznar Zenas Precious Gift
Topsize mahogany brindle and white. Really taken with this bitch but she was carrying a bit too much  weight for me. Very clean but strong head, short strong, blunt muzzle,  good bone, well balanced body, strong quarters. Lovely coat. Very clean lines. Moved very well.

Australian Bred Bitch
1st - Kilby’s Ch Linwell Midnight Angel
Black brindle and white. Standard sized bitch that is full of type and quality. Surprised to find that she is a 7yo, still as fit as anything on show. Pleasing head shape and good expression. Beautifully balanced bitch with good bone, a strong  straight front, clean shoulders, level topline, well muscled quarters, correct turn of stifle, hocks set under her. Moved very well.

2nd - McBrides Ch Brohez Sheza Pearla
Similar markings to first, but a size bigger all round but first looking a bit classier. Strong straight front, plenty of rib, strong quarters, not as short as 1st and therefore losing a bit of balance. Nice head and expression. Moved well.
3rd - Carroll and Goldsmith’s Dreamcatcher It’s Not About Him
Powerfully built black bitch, just a bit too much for me, but a very good bitch just the same. Strong head, short deep muzzle, strong well boned front, good spring of rib, strong quarters, level topline

Open Bitch
1st - Roebig’s Ch Joden Temptress
Quality mahogany brindle. On the tall side but balanced and she was of a different type to most of the bitches here but she still has the required attributes. Clean head is short and deep, her muzzle strong. Well boned front that has a good width. Well sprung rib, level topline, strong quarters and moved particularly well both ways.  

2nd - Clewley’s Araidh Tea Leaf
Black brindle. Very typey bitch and not the strength in foreface of the first, but very well balanced, very nice profile, strong nicely boned  front, enough rib, level topline held on the move. Very good condition. One of the better movers on the day

3rd - Frazer’s Gr Ch Rayonnoire Canny Bairn
Black brindle. Well up to size, very good breed type, super head and expression, better in this respect than first two. Good wide front, good depth through the body, well muscled quarters. Lovely type of bitch that for me should move away better but one I could willingly live with.

Neuter Dog

1st - Butler & O’Brien’s CH TANSPARK WHITE KNIGHT
Well built white dog. Square features to head and muzzle, dark round eye, well set ears, enough bone, nice front. Well ribbed up, strong quarters, moved with purpose.

Neuter Bitch
1st - Wolf’s Dual Ch Ourgang Misguided Angel FDM

Tiger brindle, nice head, clean wide front, plenty of rib. Well balanced bitch who is showing the rewards of a good life!!! Evidently this result makes her the Breed’s first triple champion – congratulations. Best  Neuter in show.