1st Championship Show

Judge: Maureen Ward ~ Zabaretts (U.K) 
10th March, 2012       Entry – 224

I’d heard about the hospitality of the people and overall quality of the dogs in Australia and was not to be disappointed in either, my thanks
to all the exhibitors and spectators for the chance to meet them both at their homes and to be given the honour of judging their dogs,
Well organised show in a beautiful setting, hopefully my overall comments will be taken in the spirit they are given as constructive criticism
and not fault finding, mouths overall were good with just a few tight canines as were  heads shapes with one or two short muzzles,
overall size I’m pleased to say was well within the standard, although there were some short forearms and some heavier in bone needed a nats whisker on the leg to complete their overall size and shape to balance,
I’ve always felt you should judge on a dogs qualities taking the degree of any faults into consideration, in a breed such as ours with the bull and terrier there will always be that fine line between the balance of the two.
In many of the classes there was very little between decisions in some instances a little less weight being the deciding factor with dogs
going cardless, that on other days would have been in the line up, my thanks to exhibitors and spectators for their appreciation on what was
at times some very close decisions.       

Baby Puppy Dog    Loved this class would love to have placed them all.
1st - Smid & Hughes’s Blackshot Days Ov Thunder
Lovely head shape to this 5 mth b/b, good eye liked his front showing overall body shape even at this early stage giving him the edge today over his litter brother with that little more development at this point in time.

2nd - Smid and Hughes’s Blackshot English Thunder
litter brother to above, very similar in shape and size lovely head piece, liked his muzzle, more developed in quarters than front today, but that will change splitting hairs with the two.   

3rd - Brien’s Jeolena Padlock Engaged  
Showed with enthusiasm this youngster but really liked this pied b/white, he was hard work for the handler, but settled enough to access
him, loved his expression and head carriage with well shaped body ,nice overall size for his age, well worth the extra work needed he
should be fun.  

All 3 had good mouths with very little to choose between them. At this stage could change places any time.

Minor Puppy Dog

1st - Koendidda Knl’s
Koendidda Dragons Breath
Loved this 8mths lads overall size and shape for this stage in his development, with nice bend of stifle, good head with clean bite in keeping with age, liked his ear carriage and balance of muzzle to head shape, also took minor in show   

2nd - I & A Peggie’s Arlian Magnus Magee
Not quite as mature as one, making the difference, but a lovely put together 7mth b/b similar to above with good head and muzzle, liked his forequarters and bone at this stage, will be interesting if continues in this vein.

3rd - Draper & Birchall’s  Strzeleki Dare Devil
Full of himself this 7 mth youngster but settled on the move and stood his ground to access, nice standard overall size for age, with good
rib in keeping with body, just needs to settle more to show his attributes

Puppy Dog         Good class of youngsters
1st - Truhart  Knl’s Truhart True Grit
Well developed body liked the structure on this 9mth boy, with good bone and rib, short coupled, good clean neck and well developed head
in keeping with age, clean bite with good ear placement, lovely all round youngster just had the edge on the move today winning over a
lovely pied

2nd - Lindsey's Linwest Thunder Bird
Really loved this pied nicely boned with just the right substance to match for age, clean mouth well proportioned head, nice clean shoulder line, short coupled with back quarters to match, close decision just not so positive on the move as above, feel with more confidence with
age will take some beating

3rd- M McCance's  Kimerry Shameless Whispers  
Well boned youngster, attractive head shape, with nice width to skull good stop and expression, body developing with age just waiting for maturity which will come with time

Junior Dog
1st - Temple’s Xamrik Wolverine
Well pigmented good headed 15mth red, lovely dense coat, good ear carriage and eye placement enhancing expression on this handsome lad, well defined head shape, with balance in muzzle, good scissor bite, good width in front with depth of body and good tail set, plenty in
rear quarters and not let down on the move

2nd -  Flentjar’s Warbydog Hell On Paws  
Lovely dark eye on this 15mth white, good cheek muscles on solid head, depth in chest sufficient bone and substance, with power in
quarters that showed on the move liked his stifles, just preferred the tidier ears on above.  

3rd - Cairns/Hanley’s Solidrock Pyromaniac  
Good strong neck on this16mth b/b into well placed shoulders, plenty between legs, good rib, well muscled in quarters, good width in skull with muzzle to match, preferred darker eye of above, firm top line on the move

 Intermediate Dog
1st -  Carroll’s Ch Dreamcatcher Aleague Ofhisown  
Well chiselled head, correct bite, liked his eye, lovely stifles on this well made b/b, plenty of lung room with depth in chest well muscled quarters to match short compact body well in at waist, good firm top line on the move

2nd - Sing’s Ch Challenger Dirty Bertie (Imp NZ).
Similar to one and close decision on all 3 placing, balanced head, liked his cheek muscles and width of skull, clean mouth, also good eye placement, body deep in brisket with good spring of rib, strength in rear quarters, not quite so positive on move today but kept his top line
nice fit dog

3rd - Smid & Hughes’s Warmaster Take A Shot (Imp NZ)
Lovely bodied pied strength in head with good ear size and placement, dark eye to match and enhance expression, nicely ribbed, length in keeping with size, top line kept firm on the move

Graduate Dog

1st - Lunn’s Starshiraz the Hustler
Starshiraz The Hustler (R & A Lunn) upstanding r/w solid blocky head shape, good type and shape with plenty of lung room, good bone structure well boned legs, good tight feet on this lad, liked his tail carriage, went well on the move.

2nd  - Long & Korn’s Jagarra Nitro Circus
Lovely ears on this strong headed b/b, width in skull and depth in muzzle, well boned legs, good spring of rib well in at waist with strength
in quarters, just needs to settle more on the move to show his attributes more which made the difference today

3rd - Truhaven Knl’s Truhaven Bust A Move
Handsome b/b good head, neat ears well shaped structure of head, good depth of chest and laid back shoulder , plenty of rib and enough bone and substance would just like a nats whisker on leg to balance but a lovely package and not disappoint on the move. 

Limit Dog
1st -  Fidler’s Dekadence Use Your Illusion 
Strong headed, but not overdone, tight mouth, uses his ears to his advantage liked his all round body shape, good leg to body size with tight feet, sufficient leg into well laid back shoulders rib to match.

2nd - Morse & Griffiths’s Wilstaffs Out Of The Phoenix (Imp UK)
Lovely fit well pigmented r/w, short dense coat, well boned legs, enough space between legs, good head well placed ears nice size with
dark eye, top marks for condition

3rd - Birchall & Draper’s -  Strzeleki Flamin Redhot
Everything in the right place just that little longer in body making the difference, well headed, with  ample bone and substance, liked length, depth and spring of ribcage, lovely coat condition and topline, good coat condition

Australian Bred Dog
1st - Sutherland's Ch Lionsden Express Train
Lovely sound fit b/b brought in tip top condition, with overall balance and construction, head of correct proportions, lovely strong teeth in
correct scissor bite, with dark eye and neat well placed ears, strong neck leading into good shoulder assembly bone in proportion to body weight, with height and weight ratio to match, covered the ground with ease both fore and aft, top line holding  firm, lovely blend of bull and terrier with no exaggerations, happy to award Challenge Certificate and Best in Show

2nd - Lowe's Ch Seighford Ike Oodntwait
Good quarters on this strong b/b , well developed head, width to skull good stop, and clean mouth, strong neck, into well laid back
shoulders and depth to body with strength in front, not disappointed on the move positive movement both ways

3rd -  Livingstone's Likalot Set A Trend
Well named there is a lot to like about this well pigmented m/b pleasing headshape, good ratio of muzzle to skull with strength in underjaw, strong neck with short level topline nice depth to body ample bone and substance.

Open Dog
1st - Bustabones Knl’s Gr Ch Bustabones An Reice Gaelach (AI)
Lovely masculine head and expression well developed with good eye placement width to skull and ratio to muzzle, strong legs and brisket sound construction throughout smooth effortless movement covering the ground, pushed hard in the challenge and close decision oozed quality and type happy to award  Reserve Challenge Certificate.

2nd - Lambert’s Ch Fantazmic Jet to Wooloo (Imp uk)
Strong headed with depth of foreface clean mouth, well constructed body with spring of rib good depth of brisket, and substance to match
well in at loins with good angulations  in quarters, positive movement

3rd - Birkeland's Ch
Jamelkur Street Lethal
Good firm topline to this strong bodied dog, beautiful head, good proportions with strength in muzzle good stop, clean neck into well laid
back shoulders, well sprung ribs, and strength in loins into well muscled quarters, lovely class this none could be dismissed.

1st - Wilson’s Borstaff Whos A Toff
Brought in sparkling condition this lovely m/b, solid head, good stop and scissor bite, used his ears well, strong neck with strength in forequarters and well waisted in at loin, not let down in hindquarters, moved with drive both fore and aft, keeping a good tail set.
Later awarded Neuter in Show

Baby Puppy Bitch
   What a lovely class of babies looks impressive for the future with some stars in the making.
1st -  Wyowna Knl’s  Wyowna Choccywoccydoodah
What a lovely balanced baby, head and body all in proportion at this stage, just right for bone and substance and didn’t she go well on the move for her age, promising baby this if she continues to mature in this vein.

2nd - Lowe's Seighford Ellava Diva
Lovely expression from this smart youngster nice eye set and ear placement adding to head shape with good overall body shape and size
for this age, good tail set, really enjoying her day out showing her attributes to advantage

3rd - Yates's Joden All That Jazz  
Youngest of the three but already showing promise, nice head, with ears to match and ratio of head, bone and substance in keeping with
size for age well balance overall body shape and not overawed with the occasion

Minor Puppy Bitch
1st - Griffin’s Mydozer Immortal Angel
Lovely headed 8mth b/b/w nice type and shape for age, liked her ears and knew how to use them adding to expression, bone structure as
for maturity of age with plenty of substance, plenty to like about this youngster

2nd - Draper & Birchall’s Strzeleki Devil’s Daughter
Good body shape in keeping with age from all angle’s, nicely boned with hindquarters developing well, liked her head shape, not quite as developed as above but this will come.

3rd - Todd
's  Tussler Voo Doo Magic  
Unsteady at first but gained confidence showing good body development and bone structure, nice boned legs and front in expected stage
for age, head shape developing  but feel body is more developed at this stage

Puppy Bitch  Lovely class of youngsters full of promise maturity not always on age playing a major part on the day, feel  there will be many changes as they mature as liked many of the unplaced  puppies will be interesting to see how they develop.
1st - Truhart Knls’s  Truhart No Surrender  
Smart youngster and she knows it loves the ring and has many attributes to match, lovely head proportions with balance of muzzle and
scissor bite, body maturing well with good frontage shape and rib body in keeping with age of bone and just right on substance, confident
on the move this  9mth b/b/w just had that extra sparkle on the day to beat her litter brother for B/Puppy in Show

2nd - Colborne's Kimerry Whispers In The Night  
Lovely headed youngster, lovely eye that catches your attention, with ear carriage to finish the picture, good body frame with balance of bone throughout for age, went well on the move, above just had that little more substance today, but time will tell.

3rd - Faithful’s  Kimerry Careless Whispers  
Litter sister to above, similar in construction, lovely head good ears that she knows how to use showing lovely expression, clean mouth,
nice neck and front, again good body frame and quarters maturing in the same lines, no problem on the move, sister just that little more mature today, but these could change places as they develop, both nice

Junior Bitch

1st - McBride’s Ch Brohez Black Art
Lovely headed lady with correct proportions of skull to muzzle beautiful dark eye with neat ears to complete the picture, strong neck flows
into shoulders, substance to shape and style, scored in movement keeping her tail set

2nd - Bonanno’s Bronyayr Fies Choice
Compact body size depth in body with width in front and good leg bone, balanced head with width to skull good expression, good strong hindquarters on this lass which she well showed when moving lovely thrust from behind.

3rd - Kelton’s Borstaff Humbug
Another lady with strong hindquarters, good head piece liked her cheek muscles and stop giving femininity but balance, sound proportions throughout body structure, no problem on the move had plenty of drive.

Intermediate Bitch
1st - Baxte
r’s Ch Boldhart Whole Lotta Rosie
Eye catching beautiful fit red, with dark eye and pigmentation to match, solid straight front just the right turn with good tight feet, lovely body shape and construction right through to hind quarters strong muscle, that showed on the move giving the right propulsion for strong action, was well in contention for top honours.

2nd - Bustabones Knl’s Ch Bustabones You Had me At Hello
Loved her head and expression, strong but not lacking femininity, bone in proportion to size with plenty of substance, well boned legs and plenty of lung room in front, just needed a little less weight on the loins to finish the picture.

3rd - Brookss Brookshire Lady Cassandra
Another nice lady with lovely ear carriage, solid well balanced head, good cheek muscles and stop, good spring of rib, nice blend throughout with good overall body shape, as above would just have liked little less on the loins.

Graduate Bitch
1st  - Sutherland’s Brohez Dakota Diva  
Could not fault the head on this attractive b/b solid deep through with strength in underjaw, but still remaining feminine, good balance of
bone and substance deep chest well sprung ribs well in at waist and compact in body length, good mover no hesitation both ways.

2nd - Wooloostaff Knl’s Reigning Bulls the Devil Came Knockin (Imp usa)
Close decision with above for this b/b/w similar in many ways good proportions in head, strength in neckline leading from shoulders, well fronted with plenty between leg, no problem on the move.

3rd - Walsh’s Kypajuka Widows Dorta
As before decision close, liked this beautifully headed b/b/w strong jaw with chiselled head shape, still keeping within her feminine beauty, good brisket with spring of rib and well muscled hindquarters which showed on the move.

Limit Bitch
1st - Tattersall’s Kypajuka Disgraceful Habits
Beautifully headed compact classy bitch  combination of bull and terrier strength at the same time no doubting her sex, defined head shape, good ratio structure of skull to muzzle, clean mouth, strength in underjaw, dark eyes, good ear placement, strong neck into well laid back shoulders, depth in brisket, into strong loins and quarters to match, well up on pasterns, effortless easy stride on the move without loosing drive and power, on her toes throughout gave this bitch the Challenge Certificate today

2nd- Morse’s Lapwing Diamond Chip
Another quality bitch with strength in head and body but still carrying her femininity, good width to skull bone in proportion to body weight,
well ribbed in keeping with size, plenty between well boned legs, good quarters to match, was in contention for the reserve but open winner just had the edge on muscle tone, moved without hesitation both ways.   

3rd - Lowe’s Remblak Woodnt I
Another bitch with class, well structured headpiece, uses her ears to advantage, depth in brisket with good spring of rib, enough between
the legs and into the ribs, well in at loins good angulations at rear with strong muscle in hindquarters slightly longer coupling than above.

Australian Bred Bitch
1st - Wolf’s Ch Ourgang I Want It Now
Lovely profile to this b/b, has clean lines from a well balanced body and head shape, keen expression from well placed eye, good head proportions, sound throughout construction with good front layback and ribbing, firm topline on the move, moved and showed with confidence.

2nd - McCaughey & Bawden's Ch Artisinal The Pawn Queen  
Good body proportions on this pied short strong bodied good type and shape well put together strength in head but not overdone, good
strong muzzle, strength in bone, no problems on the move

3rd - Reid's Sonique Run N Raisin

Good strong quarters on this fit b/b showing power in rear action when she moved, pleasing headshape, good strong neck with spring of rib, into well bodied frame, strength in loins and well muscled hindquarters.

Open Bitch
1st - Frazer’s Ch Highbourne Magic of Sydney
Viewed from any angle beautifully proportioned b/b bitch, well shaped head with width to skull, good stop, clean mouth, eye placement and ears to complete the picture, lovely overall balance to body with strength in fore and aft quarters, shoulders well laid back and well in at loins, as good on the move as standing in profile, Reserve Challenge Certificate

2nd - Brandrick’s Ch Seighford Surprise Paket  
Good head balanced in proportion and neat ears, strength in neck, shoulders laid back, ample bone and substance throughout body
structure, well muscled quarters moved with purpose plenty of power from behind keeping topline firm on the move

3rd - Heard’s Ch Toploader Black Maria
Lovely dark eye and chiselled head scored in front , construction, well boned sturdy legs and feet, plenty of lung room, ample bone and substance ribs well sprung and well angulated hind quarters, well up on pasterns showed well, and no problem with her movement but
feel she could move with more power which made the placing today

Neuter Dog

1st - Wilson’s Borstaff Who’s a Toff
Stood alone, but very worthy of 1st place. He has a good head and front and well proportioned body. He is in lovely condition and moved and handled well.

Neuter Bitch
1st - Walsh’s Ch Kypajuka Black Widow

Classic head shape, good skull and stop, clean mouth strength in underjaw, good height weight ratio with strong legs and good feet, plenty between legs with ribbing to match body shape, well in at loins into strong quarters smooth movement with power from behind.

2nd - Sorensen’s Charmstaff Madison Avenue  
Lovely dark eye full of expression well placed in attractive head good balance in proportion, ample bone and substance good brisket, and spring of rib, not disappointed on rear quarters which showed when moving. 

3rd - Koendidda Knl’s Koendidda Lapis Lazuli      
Attractive blue with dark eye in relation to coat colour, liked her overall shape and size, balanced head, good rib and well in at loin, topline remained firm on the move.