2nd Championship Show

Judge: Ann Goddard ~ Tophouse (U.K) 
11th March, 2012       Entry – 219

First of all I really must tell you how much the many kindnesses and hospitality extended to all of us was appreciated.
We were looked after so well and can’t thank everyone involved enough.

We were shown so much of your beautiful country in such a short time and have brought back so many lovely memories with us.

Now to talk about the SBTs. The reason for our visit.

To give you a brief overview.  What I look for is a typy dog i.e. fitting the standard, bearing in mind the history of our breed – the reason for their existence.  They need to have strength for size, be muscular and show power in their quarters, be fit, and active and have a blend of bull and terrier – courageous,tenacious, game – agile, tough and intelligent. A dog  who is affectionate and reliable in the home and towards all his friends.
I like to see a round eye of medium size in preference to an almond shaped one, which can spoil an otherwise desired honest expression.
A small neat rose ear, not thick or large, is my preference . (The standard allows for half prick but for me this is less appealing than the more pleasing rose). I look for no narrowness in the front.  A narrow front cannot be disguised by setting the legs wide apart when stacking.
The resulting appearance gives the animal an A frame look which is not only uncomfortable for him but is unbalanced too. 

I found very little of the above mentioned faults in your exhibits, merely  mention as something to be aware of and avoided. I did however
notice some faulty dentition which was judged according to its seriousness. Further there were several cases of dirty teeth and also missing and chipped teeth which seemed not to be caused by poor dentition or cosmetic dentistry  but by the chewing of undesirable objects  being allowed.  I have  no intention of going any further on these particular subjects. The perfect dog hasn‘t yet been bred.
But we all take home the best.

Finally we are lucky to own such a fantastic breed and must do all we can to ensure nothing but a positive perception of them in the eyes of
the general public and the media. We are their guardians.

Baby Puppy Dog
1st - McCoy’s Joden Jimador
White, Fulfils all requirements for one so young. He has a promising headshape and is well put together. Balanced. Showed very well.

2nd - Smid and Hughes’s Blackshot English Thunder
Br. Another very promising baby  who has lots of potential. Well constructed, with pleasing head and body shape.
Was alert and  moved nicely.

3rd - Hogg’s Reewen over the Moon
Dk Br. Very promising.  He has a very pleasing head and body shape, short in back with good bend of stifle. Moved nicely

All 3 had good mouths with very little to choose between them. At this stage could change places any time.

Minor Puppy Dog

1st - Draper & Birchall’s
Strzeleki Domino
Wh Pied. Good head shape, straight front. Moved nicely and gave good account of himself  to start  off with but lacked enthusiasm towards
the end of the class. Did enough to secure 1st place. Best Minor Puppy

2nd - Koendidda Knl’s Koendidda Dragons Breath
Dk Br. Active and agile. Just preferred headshape of 1. Close decision. Everything changes at this age. Very nice puppy.

3rd - Draper & Birchall’s  Strzeleki Dare Devil
Needs ring training but could make up into a fair dog. Has plenty of time.

Puppy Dog
1st - Bawden’s Castlebar Rise N Shine
Dk Br.  Very promising puppy. Lovely head shape. Good front. Level topline and well shaped stifle. Well balanced and in gleaming good condition. Did everything expected  of him. Should have a bright future. Best Puppy in Show.

2nd - Lindsey's Linwest Thunder Bird
Br/Wh pied. Has all the attributes expected of him at the moment to mature into a good dog. Needs to settle more in the ring.

3rd- Truhart  Knl’s Truhart True Grit
Dk Br. Topsize. Nice head shape and body properties. Showed well. Promising.

Junior Dog
1st - Yates’s Brohez Black Soprano
Dk Br.  Lovely head and expression. Short foreface and strong muzzle with tight lips. Well shaped body with level topline.
Moved and handled well.

2nd -  Darragh’s Usherin Sacre Bleu
Br/Wh pied.  Liked his head shape and general composition. Stood nicely and was well presented. Movement good.

3rd - McManus’s Tramac Law and Disorder (AI)
Dk Br.  Lighter specimen with a good headshape and outline. Moved and handled well.

Intermediate Dog
1st -  Brooks’s Brookshire Davros
Dk Br. Good head with broad skull and pronounced cheek muscles. Strong fronted. Well ribbed. Close coupled. Moved and showed well.
Best Intermediate in Show.

2nd - Sing’s Ch Challenger Dirty Bertie (Imp NZ).
Dk Br.  Good headshape with strong foreface and pleasing expression. Liked his body properties and level topline. Could change places. Close decision. 

3rd - Frater’s Charmstaff Cum N Get Me
Dk Br. Took a while to settle and didn’t give his best but I liked what I saw and thought he merited his place

Graduate Dog

1st - Lunn’s Starshiraz the Hustler
Red with white chest. Very flashy  with excellent pigmentation. Broad in skull with defined cheek muscles and a lovely dark eye. Well ribbed body with straight front, level topline and correctly bent stifles. In gleaming condition. Moved and handled well.

2nd  - Ryan’s Linwest Hercules
Dk Br. Very typy. Liked his head and expression. Straight front with  no weaknesses and body properties with level topline and well bent stifle. Moved and handled well.

3rd - Paice’s Borstaff  I’ve got Stripes
Dk Br. Lovely Mahogany Br. Liked his head and expression. Strength of skull and  ear carriage. Straight front, well ribbed body.
Completed a trio of very good dogs who can and probably will, change places many times during their show career. 

Limit Dog
1st -  Morse & Griffiths’s Wilstaffs Out Of The Phoenix (Imp UK)
Red .  Good head and expression. Muscular neck and straight front.  Well ribbed body with level topline and strength in quarters. Moved well.  Secured his win by his overall performance and balance.

2nd - Fidler’s Dekadence Use Your Illusion
Dk Br. Another lovely typy dog with a pleasing headshape and general balance. Moved and handled well.

3rd - Birchall & Draper’s -  Strzeleki Flamin Redhot
Red. Possesses  good pigmentation and pleasing head and expression. Liked his front – straight and well boned.  Muscular hindquarters with correctly bent stifles.  Was moved and handled well but could be closer coupled. 

Australian Bred Dog
1st - O’Shea's Ch Brohez Touch of Foolery
Dk Br. White collar. Lovely headed dog with breadth of skull, pronounced cheek muscles and blocky muzzle. Showed excellent balance
having straight front, well ribbed body and muscular hindquarters. In tip-top condition. Moved and handled well. A pleasure to go over him.
Best Australian Bred in Show

2nd -Steele's Ch Hellfyrfe Glacial Storm
This was a time when I wished I had two blue ribbons. It was such a tough decision. A beautifully put together dog. Balanced and compact. Loved his head and expression. Excellent front, and rear quarters showing no weaknesses. Well ribbed body with level topline. He did everything right. Moved and handled well. 

3rd -  Coulson's Brohez Archibald da Rogue
Dk Br. Unlucky to meet the two above him. Good head and well proportioned  body with level topline. Well quartered. Moved and handled very well.

Open Dog
1st - Bawden’s Gr Ch Castlebar Crown Jester
Br/Wh pied. A dog with great presence. Demanded to be looked at. He has a lovely head. Strong of skull and deep through with pronounced cheek muscles and a distinct stop. A short foreface with strength in muzzle and underjaw. Excellent in front, straight, well boned with depth of brisket. He has a well ribbed body with level topline and good tuck up.Muscular hindquarters with good bend of stifle. Moved and handled like the Gr Ch that he is. Hard to fault. His many virtues secured him his place in this very strong class. A pleasure to go over him and to award
him a well deserved Dog Challenge Certificate. Runner up Best in Show

2nd - Yates’s CH Tiamostaff Johnny Utah
Dk Br. Another outstanding exhibit who excels in all departments. He  didn’t put a foot wrong and moved and handled well. A close decision  and like many of the previous classes was made on minor issues and splitting hairs.

3rd - Lambert's Ch Fantazmic Jet to Wooloo
(Imp uk)
Completed a trio outstanding dogs. He has a lovely headshape and body properties – straight front, level topline and well boned quarters
fore and aft. Moved and handled well.

Neuter Dog
1st - Wilson’s Borstaff Who’s a Toff
Stood alone, but very worthy of 1st place. He has a good head and front and well proportioned body. He is in lovely condition and moved and handled well.

Baby Puppy Bitch
1st -  Scott’s  Waurstafford Rhyme N Reason
Red. Very wriggly at first but she showed me what she was made of. Liked her head shape, her balance and proportion and she moved well for a baby. Lovely disposition and attitude which secured her first place. I would take her home anytime. Sure she’ll do well.
Best Baby in Show.

2nd - Yates's Joeden all that Jazz
Dk Br with White. Very flashy. Demanded to be looked at. Has everything going for her. Beautuful head and expression, compact body with
level topline and well boned quarters. Behaved impeccably. Very close decision. Another one for the top flight.

3rd - Knight's Kabira Pretty Little Thing
Dk Br. A little beauty very aptly named. Has all  the requirements and attributes needed for the top. She did everything asked of her and placings for all three were very close indeed.

With puppies being bred with the qualities and potential of those being shown in this class today, the future of quality SBTs in Australia is
well assured. I was well impressed and thank all the owners/exhibitors for giving me the pleasure of going over them.

Minor Puppy Bitch
1st - Duggan’s Stormryda Crimson Tyde
Red with white markings. Attractive young lady with a well shaped head and tidy ear carriage. She was keen  and alert showing interest in
what she was doing. Shapely body for age. She moved nicely. 

2nd - Griffin’s Mydozer Immortal Angel
Dk br with white front. Liked her head shape and body properties. Nicely boned quarters and possessing good bend of stifle. Showed and handled well.

3rd - Draper & Birchall's  Strzeleki Devil’s Daughter
Dk Br. Nice head and body shape, She stood and moved well. There was little to separate these three and I hope they all develop and mature and have future success..

Puppy Bitch
1st - Truhart Knls’s  Truhart Lunatic Fringe
Dk Br. Excels in all departments. Has a lovely head and expression. A compact body with well boned legs and feet. She took my eye straight away. Moved and handled well.

2nd - Frazer's Highbourne Belle de Jour
Dk Br. Very impressive. Stronger type than 1. Did everything she was asked and possesses all the attributes for success.

3rd - Clewley’s  Highbourne Hello Gorgeous
Dk Br. Litter sister of 2nd but not quite so mature at moment. Liked her head and expression.  She has a nice dark eye. Strong front, level topline and bend of stifle. Moved and handled well. Could easily change places with her sister as she matures.

Junior Bitch
(Very strong class)
1st - McBride’s Ch Brohez Black Art
Dk Br. A beautiful bitch. Keen and alert. She has a lovey head and expression with dark eye, developed cheek muscles and strength of muzzle. Straight well boned front with no narrowness, power in hindquarters and in fit condition. Moved and handled well. A very worthy winner. Best Junior in Show

2nd - Bonanno’s Bronyayr Fies Choice
Dk Br with white on chest. Another classy bitch unlucky to meet above in such great form. Liked her head shape and expression. Compact body with well boned quarters and level topline. Moved and handled well.

3rd - Kargas’s Solidrock Pyroteknic Dreams
Dk Br. Completed a top class trio. She has all the attributes for success. Good head and expression. Shapely body with well boned quarters. Keen and alert. Moved and handled well.

Intermediate Bitch
1st - Brooks’s Brookshire Lady Cassandra
Dk Br. Well put together. Good head and expression with breadth of skull and well developed cheek muscles. Nice dark eye and neat ears. Well boned quarters. Level topline and good tuck up showing fit condition. Moved well.

2nd - Baxter’s Ch Boldhart Whole Lotta Rosie
Red with excellent pigmentation. Good head, lovely expression enhanced by dark eye. Pronounced stop, well developed cheek muscles and strength of muzzle. Lovely body properties, muscular with well boned quarters, level topline and another one with a good tuck up. She was active and interested. Shown and handled well. Very close decision based on a minor preference.

3rd - Livingstone’s Likalot Bring It On
Dk Br with white on chest. A quality bitch completing an outstanding trio I was very pleased with. She possesses all the virtues needed for future success. Fit and active a pleasure to go over. Moved and handled well.

Graduate Bitch
1st  - Walsh’s Kypajuka Widows Dorta
Dk Br with White. chest. Very smart in presentation. Liked her headshape, deep through with short muzzle and dark eye and neat ear carriage. Pleasing body properties with strength in quarters and well bent stifles. Moved well. Best Graduate in Show.

2nd - Brien’s  Jeolena Lady in Red
Red with dark mask and excellent pigmentation. Head on a par with 1st. Deep through, short muzzle, pronounced stop. Straight well boned front, level topline and muscular hindquarters with well bent stifles. Excellent balanced bitch. Very close decision but preferred ear carriage
of first.

3rd - Wooloostaff Knl’s Reigning Bulls the Devil Came Knockin
(Imp usa)
Dk Br.Lovely head and expression. Well ribbed body with level topline. Straight front displaying no tightness. Muscular and compact.
Moved and handled well.

Limit Bitch (13)
1st - Ong’s Tiagra Fifth Element
Dk Br. Smart with a beautiful headshape. Straight front. Well ribbed body with a level topline. In fit condition.   Could have lost her first place
by appearing a shade long on the move but she stacked very well so gave her benefit of the doubt by putting it down to speed of movement.
Best Limit in Show

2nd- Morse’s Lapwing Diamond Chip
Caught my eye. Smaller than 1 but possesses all the attributes and qualities. Liked her head shape and body properties. Level topline.
Moved well.Could change places anytime.

3rd - Tattersall’s Kypajuka Disgraceful Habits
Dk Br. All 3 placings had excellent heads, bodies and balance and Disgraceful Habits was no exception. This was a very strongly contested class with  several worthy of winning. Like those above her she excelled in head expression and body. All were a pleasure to go over.

Australian Bred Bitch
1st - Jolly’s Ch Steelback Miss Moonshine
Dk Br. Very smart. Strong headed with good expression enhanced by tidy ear carriage. Straight front showing no weaknesses. Well ribbed body with level topline and power in quarters. Moved and showed well.

2nd - Reid's Sonique Run N Raisin  
Brindle – white on front. Typical head and expression which I liked. Straight front, level topline,  Well bent stifle to enhance hindquarters.
She moved and showed well and did everything asked of her.
3rd - Griffin’s Jagarra Bewitching Woman
Dk Br with wh collar.  Another with a lovely shaped head and pleasing expression.  Straight front and strength in well muscled  hindquarters. Maternal duties, left her with a small degree of undercarriage which I hope will tighten and enhance her outline. However, in view of her many other virtues, she well deserved her placing.

Open Bitch
1st - Lindsey’s Ch Linwest Ella Enchanted
Red with White.  She has a most beautiful headshape enhanced by well developed cheek ,muscles and a pronounced stop. Her dark blocky muzzle adds  to  her appearance and shows no weakness in underjaw. Her neck is short and rather muscular and forequarters  straight and well boned allowing for no narrowness across the front. She possesses well laid shoulders, spring of rib in a close coupled body with a level topline. She has strength in hindquarters, set off by well bent stifles. Feet fore and aft are well padded of medium size. Everything about her flows together so well and gives her a beautiful outline. She has everything I look for. What a star. Delighted to award her top honours and BEST IN SHOW .

2nd - Frazer’s Ch Highbourne Magic of Sydney
Dk Br with white on chest. Another lovely showgirl who pressed the winner hard. Has an excellent headshape, with breadth of skull distinct stop and well developed cheek muscles. She has a strong neck, straight front and well boned quarters. A good tuck up to her body with a
level topline.  She  moved and showed well but for me Ella had the edge. Reserve Challenge Bitch

3rd - Livingstone’s Ch Likalot Back to You
Dk Br. To complete my  trio of winners in this very strong class, Likalot lives up to her name and was not disgraced by standing 3rd. She is full of quality and is a  very worthy Champion possessing all the attributes expected of one. She excels in headshape and expression with a dark eye, strength in foreface and muzzle. She has well boned muscular quarters and a nicely ribbed body with level topline.
Moved and handled well.

Neuter Bitch
1st - Sorensen’s Charmstaff Madison Avenue
Charmstaff Madison Avenue (Sorensen) Dk Br with a lovely headshape, keen expression and good front, strong with no narrowness.
Her body has well sprung ribs and carries a level topline. Her legs fore and aft are well boned. Moved and showed well.
Best  Neuter in Show.

2nd - Walsh’s Ch Kypajuka Black Widow   
Dk Br. Well balanced with good head and body properties. Straight front, level  topline. Clean in outline. Moved and showed well. My notes
say ‘very nice showgirl’..

3rd - Morse’s Ch Lapwing Raunchy Rita    
Tiger Br & White. Very appealing, she did everything asked of her. Strong in head with well boned quarters, compact body with level topline
and good tuck up. Very appealing and she went very well.