3rd Championship Show

Judge: Jenny Smith ~ Willowstaff (U.K) 
9th March, 2013       Entry – 200

My sincere thanks to the Officers and Committee of the Victoria SBT Club for the invitation to judge this prestigious show and for the
wonderful hospitality extended to myself and Mick during our stay, which was second to none.
My thanks also to the exhibitors for the opportunity to assess their dogs; they all braved the extreme temperatures and turned out in force
with good humour throughout. They are to be commended on their professionalism and the way they coped with the conditions, such that
not one dog was in distress throughout the weekend. This of course was also down to the excellent facilities provided by the committee.
I must also give special mention to Secretary Carol Kilby who was a most wonderful host, despite having so much to do in preparing for the show, and of course my Stewards: Peter Harrison  & Arthur Wilson, who did a wonderful job. Thanks are also extended to Arthur and Bev Wilson and Celia DeCloverley for taking us out, and Pat & Julie Walsh for putting us up after the show.  This was one of the best shows it
has been my pleasure to judge in a good many years, with excellent quality in depth throughout many of the classes. I was extremely
pleased with my final line ups and indeed my principal winners, all of whom I consider to be of the highest quality. 
These were: .


Baby Puppy Dog
1st - O’Brien & Roebig’s Pitford Master O Puppets 
Black/brindle of just 4 months. Liked his clean head type, lovely dark eyes and correct ear carriage. Good strength of head at this point in time and everything in the right place. A nice little puppy that was quite fit, had good balance and well angulated rear quarters and presented a
clean outline. Good luck for the future.

2nd - Lambert’s Wooloostaff The Devils Wingman (AI) 
Black/brindle with white front of 5 months – more mature than 1 and as expected, stronger through. Straight front with decent amount of upper arm, correct rear quarters, good strength of head for age with tidy enough ears and good overall balance.

3rd - Livingstone’s Likalot Divils Wanderer (AI)
5½ months black/brindle/white front. A puppy with good strength of head, clean muzzle, dark eyes and neat ear carriage. He has good width
to front, is slightly more compact in body than 1 or 2, is stronger through and has slightly less ‘lift’.

Minor Puppy Dog

1st -
Rasche & Tomney’s Anvilhart Hot On Your Heels
Stood alone but nevertheless is a nice type of dog. Brindle with white front of 7 months who
had a well proportioned head with
neat enough ears and dark eyes. Front straight and well boned but not overdone, nicely angulated rear quarters. Medium cast – moved out well enough.

Puppy Dog
1st - Edwards Sookalott The Heartbreaker
A standard sized, well put together dog. Short coupled with level topline, straight front and decent rear quarters. Lovely clean head type, good mouth, reasonable under jaw - moved out well enough. Preferred head type to that of second.

2nd - Heard’s Toploader Kimosabe
Black/brindle/white front of 9 months. Another standard dog who was mature for age, being well boned with strong head of good proportions and dark eyes. Not quite as clean off the front as 1.

Junior Dog
1st - Shaw’s Belleden The High King
12 months red/white front. A nice type of dog with good strength of bone, who was alert and on his toes. He has a clean head of good
strength with dark mask, neat ears and good eye shade, correct length of muzzle and mouth ok.  He is balanced, has a level topline and
well angulated rear quarters and moved out well.

2nd -  Van Kleeff’s Vanstaff Powerbilt
Black/brindle/white front of 12 months. A slightly heavier dog than I usually go for but a nice, sound type of dog. He has a strong head, good mouth, dark eyes, correctly set ears but prefer cleaner muzzle. He is short coupled, has good rear quarters, held a level topline and moved ok.

3rd - Reid’s Sonique Touch of Frost
White of 12 months. Nice type of dog - liked his head type which was well proportioned with dark eyes, neat ears, good mouth and a super expression. Front straight and well boned, decent topline and good rear quarters. Slightly longer cast than 1 & 2 and therefore not as compact.

Intermediate Dog
1st -  Smid & Hughes Warmaster Take A Shot (Imp NZ) 
Predominantly white/pied of nearly 3. A dog with a super clean head and expression, strong muzzle, good under jaw, decent eye shade and neat, thin ears.  A dog with plenty of lift that had a straight, clean front, correct length of neck, was well balanced with correctly angulated rear quarters, good topline and moved out well enough.

2nd - Brandrick’s Remblak Carbine
2½ years black/brindle who is slightly smaller and did not quite have the lift of 1. Another dog that was balanced with a clean front and strong boned. He had a nice head of correct proportions with dark round eyes, neat ears and strong under jaw with clean muzzle, although not quite as clean as 1. He was in good condition and moved out soundly.

3rd - Draper & Birchall’s Strzeleki Dare Devil
20 months’ mahogany brindle. A nice type of dog who wouldn’t perform on the move, possibly affected by the weather, which was a pity as he was more my type of dog than 2. Clean front, correct weight of bone, head well proportioned with good length of muzzle, being slightly longer than 1 & 2. Dark eyes, neat ear carriage, well balanced with sound rear quarters.

Graduate Dog

1st - Lindsey’s Linwest Thunder Bird
22 months’ white/pied, possessing a superb head with a typical expression complemented by dark eyes, neat ears and correct dentition.
Front straight with good width to chest, well balanced with sufficient rear angulation (although not as good as 2), and well muscled hind quarters.  Overall a very smart young dog that I liked very much and who featured strongly in the challenge. Time is on his side and I will
watch his progress with interest.

2nd  - Roebig’s Bxact Ridin Dirty
17 months’ upstanding brindle dog. A very close decision and another superb type of dog that I liked very much. He has a great head which was clean and well defined, straight front, marginally more lift than 1, clean lines with nothing overdone, topline good and moved out well.  Preferred strength in rear quarters of 1 but nothing in it - really liked him. 

3rd - Ryan’s Linwest Hercules
Black/brindle with white front/feet - almost 5 years. Another nice type of dog who looks at his best when he’s alert and on his toes.
Correct head shape with keen expression, good eye shade and neat ear carriage. Head in balance with body and not overdone. Good under jaw and dentition, well enough balanced but could be a shade fitter. 

Limit Dog
1st -  Koendidda Knls Koendidda Dragons Breath
20 months black/brindle. A very smart dog that had the clean lines I look for. He has a well defined head of correct proportions with dark enough eye, correct mouth with big, white teeth and good muzzle strength. Front straight with good width and sufficient weight of bone.
He is a mid-cast dog who presented a balanced outline with well angulated rear quarters, was in fit condition and moved out well.

2nd - Fidler’s Dekadence Use Your Illusion
2½ years – another black/brindle who was slightly shorter than 1 but very similar in head type. Lovely clean head of good proportions with super expression, correct mouth, and neat ear carriage. Well boned, front straight but not as clean on the shoulder line as 1. Overall he was slightly heavier than my personal preference, but is a tidy enough dog that moved out well enough.  

3rd - Birchall & Draper’s -  Strzeleki Domino 
predominantly white dog of 20 months (brindle eye patches). Another dog with a lovely expression, correctly proportioned head with good mouth and neat ears. Not quite the cleanliness of lip of 1. He had a nice amount of lift, was well boned, clean off the front and had a level top line and good balance - would benefit from being somewhat fitter.

Australian Bred Dog
1st - Walsh’s Ch Kypajuka Violent Demise 
4 years’ brindle/white front. A dog that was clean as a whistle and not overdone. He has a well defined head of correct proportions with clean muzzle and good depth of under jaw, dark eyes, neat ear carriage and correct dentition.  Straight front, well boned with clean shoulder line
and good depth of brisket. Well balanced, level top line, in fit condition, liked him.
Unfortunately lacked animation when moved in the challenge.

2nd -Findlater’s Ch Artisinal Why So Serious
3 years 8 months’ black/white pied. A nice style of dog that was up on his toes and in fit condition. Another well balanced dog with good rear quarters and nice head type. Clean off the front – good width and depth. Not quite as clean in the muzzle as 1, but good strength. Dark
enough eyes, deep through skull, neat enough in ear, not quite the topline of 1, but nice type of dog.

3rd -  Livingstone’s Likalot Set A Trend 
6 years.  Another fully mature dog that was not overdone in any way – brindle white front and right sock. Good head type, clean muzzle,
nothing overdone and no lippiness, neat ears, good reach of neck. Well balanced, good rear quarters, sound dog, level topline. Liked him..

Open Dog   Trio of top quality dogs
1st - Sutherland’s Ch Lionsden Express Train
Black/brindle with white front of 2½ years and the star of the show for me. A super quality dog that was balanced from all angles and had the clean lines that I look for.  Head of good strength, well proportioned and in balance with body. Muzzle of good strength and housing correct teeth, good depth of under jaw, dark enough eyes and neat ear carriage. Straight front of sufficient width with good bone and neat feet. In extremely fit condition, light in loins and with well muscled rear quarters. A dog with plenty of attitude who is a credit to his owner -
delighted to award CC & BEST IN SHOW – congratulations.

2nd - Sing’s Ch Challenger Dirty Bertie (Imp NZ)
3½ years’ brindle and another top quality dog of the type I was looking for and a really close decision.  An upstanding dog that had slightly
more lift than 1, was also very well balanced and clean all round. He has a super head and expression with dark eyes, correct ear carriage
and good mouth. Straight front, although not quite as clean in shoulder line as 1, topline level and held on the move, sound rear quarters,
well enough off for bone, slightly more width to front than 1. Another exhibited in lovely fit condition that moved out well. 

3rd -
Hopgood’s Ch Lynneve Black Hawk Down
3 years 9 months’ brindle/white front. Another attractive upstanding dog that was a shade stronger through than 1 & 2, and did not quite have the same cleanliness of head. However he is a nice type of dog with a head of good strength with a super expression, having dark eyes and neat enough ears.  Front straight and well boned and slightly stronger than 1 & 2, body of good proportions, in good condition and moved out well enough.

Neuter Dog
1st CC NEUTER - Wilson’s Borstaff Who’s a Toff
Brindle/white front of almost 3 years. A top size dog with a lovely expression and head of correct proportions, which is clean and well defined.  He has good muzzle strength, correct dentition, dark enough eyes and nice ear carriage. A mid cast dog that had a level topline, was well balanced with good rear quarters and moved out well. Would like to see him somewhat fitter, but a very nice style of dog of the type I prefer.

-  Butler & O’Brien’s Ch Tanspark White Knight
9 years predominantly white dog with ticking. Nice head shape of good proportions with good length of muzzle and round eyes and correct ears.  Well enough off for bone, level topline, short coupled. Lacked a bit of sparkle
possibly due to the heat.

- Wolf’s Ch Ourgang Don’t Stop Me Now
7 years mahogany brindle/white front carrying a bit more weight and had a bit more lip than I prefer. Typical head and expression with deep through skull, correct eye shade, reasonable ear carriage and good dentition.

Baby Puppy Bitch
  Nice trio of promising youngsters
1st -  Bourke’s Yarrapaw Whos Your Mumma 
4½ months’ black/brindle/white front with a nice head type. Neat ear carriage, dark eye, clean muzzle, decent under jaw. An attractive, well balanced puppy with everything in the right place at this point in time and who had plenty of confidence.

2nd - Roebig’s Bxact Wicked Temptation 
black/brindle with white front – another promising puppy of 16 weeks. Not as far forward as 1st but they all mature at different stages.
She has a very clean, well shaped head with fantastic dark eyes and neat ear carriage. Well balanced with a straight front, sufficient bone
and nice amount of lift - moved out well enough for age.

3rd - Lyon’s Lionsden Bombe La Femme 
4 months’ predominantly white with ticking. Nice youngster that was slightly stronger through than 1 or 2, but who also had good balance
and topline. Head well proportioned and of good shape with dark eyes and neat enough ears, good bone, correct rear quarters.

Minor Puppy Bitch
1st - Smid & Hughes’ Blackshot Power Failure 
6½ months’ white with ticking. An attractive puppy with a lovely head type and good overall balance. Head of good proportions with dark eyes, neat ears and correct length of muzzle. Straight front with correct amount of bone and top line ok. Moved well for age.

2nd - Koendidda Kennels’ Koendidda Bloody Mary 
Red of 7½ months with a lovely head and expression, good strength of muzzle – taller than 1 with plenty of lift. She has a straight front with clean shoulder line, well angulated rear quarters, correct tail carriage, level topline and was of the make and shape I like.

3rd - Wymark’s Powerpaws Black Caviar  
7 months black/brindle – another nice type of puppy. Lovely head with darkest of eyes and keen expression. Short neck, straight front,
neat feet and adequate rear quarters. Not quite the lift of 1 & 2 and stronger through..

Puppy Bitch
1st - Lambert’s Wooloostaff Rooftop Romance 
10½ months’ tiger brindle with a lovely head type and nice width to front. She is well balanced with an attractive, feminine head, good width & length to muzzle and an excellent mouth. Front clean and straight with a good topline, and good rear quarters. Moved soundly – promising young bitch.

2nd - Horley & Osbourne’s Pepstaff Poker Face 
brindle/white front of 9 months. Another very nice type of puppy. Good head with dark eyes and neat ears and a little shorter in the muzzle than 1. Well balanced, good bone, good bend of stifle – moved out well enough although lengthens slightly on the move and not quite as tidy as 1.

3rd - Reid & Sing’s Sonique Fire N Ice  
predominantly white/skewbald (red head) of 10½ months and another puppy of the type I like, that was balanced with good rear quarters and with correct bend of stifle. Good width to front – promising trio of youngsters.

Junior Bitch
A quality class and another trio of top class bitches
1st - Brien’s Jeolena Uppity Miss
16½ months brindle/white front and socks. A very flashy bitch with lovely clean lines of the type I like. Super clean head of good strength but with nothing overdone. She has a nice ear carriage and correct eye shade, is well balanced with good strength to rear quarters. A sound bitch that moved well and a worthy winner in this large class.

2nd - Cowling’s Lilrock Rogues Rumour
16 months.  Another nice bitch, that was slightly more up on the leg than 1. She is well
balanced with level top line and good rear quarters. Not quite the strength of head of 1, but nevertheless a nice type of head. Clean all round. Good teeth and good length of muzzle – dark enough eyes and neat ears. A tidy, feminine type of bitch – liked her.

3rd -
Oldenburg’s Staffyhaus By Faith Alone
14 months’ black/brindle with white front. A really nice bitch that lost out on rear
movement; not quite as positive as 1 & 2. I loved her head and expression. She has a clean, straight front and super head type with good under jaw and strength of muzzle and is nicely balanced – liked her very much.

Intermediate Bitch
1st -
Clewley’s Highbourne Hello Gorgeous.
Black/brindle of 2 years, who was perhaps a shade stronger through than I usually go for, but very sound. She has a clean front, is well boned and has a lovely head type of correct proportions, which is clean and well defined.
Muzzle of good strength, correct dentition, dark eyes and neatest of ears. She is well balanced with a level topline and moved very soundly to secure first place in this competitive class. A quality bitch that should have a bright future.

2nd -
Edwards’ Sookalott Dreamcatchme
2 years – Another top class bitch who pushed 1 hard. I liked this red bitch – very nice. Perhaps more the front I prefer, as she is slightly
cleaner and maybe has a shade more lift. Lovely head type - clean as a whistle, with nice eye, good ear carriage and correct mouth. She is
well balanced with nice rear quarters, a good topline and moved out well.  Splitting hairs between these 3.

3rd -
Walsh’s Kypajuka Widows Dorta
2½ years’ Black/white front and toes. Thought at first sight this was my winner, but she was not quite as positive on the move as 1 or 2. However she is another very nice bitch of the style I like with nothing overdone. Clean head of correct proportions with super expression,
good strength and depth of muzzle, neat ear carriage and dark eyes. Head and body in balance, enough bone, sound rear quarters and in fit condition. Completed a quality trio of bitches.

Graduate Bitch
1st  - Holohan’s Koznr Zenas Precious Gift
5 years’ brindle/white front. A fully mature bitch that was clean as a whistle off the front with nothing overdone. She has a beautiful head of correct proportions with brown eyes, neat ears and good strength and depth of muzzle. Body well balanced with good rear quarters and of
the type I prefer. Moved ok but slightly lethargic – possibly due to the hot conditions

2nd - Colborne’s Kimerry Whispers In The Night
2 years’ black/brindle. Another nice type of bitch who was slightly longer coupled than 1, and not quite as positive on the move. However she
is an impressive bitch with a punishing head piece of good proportions complemented by dark, round eyes and neat, thin ears. Correct dentition, well off for bone and sound rear quarters. A little stronger headed than my preference but nevertheless a nice bitch.

3rd - Vine’s Triffstaff Cookies N Cream 
3 years’ predominantly white with ticking. A strong bitch that was not as clean off the front as 1 & 2 and a little heavier than I prefer, but sound on the move. Well boned with good rear quarters. Just a bit too much for me but liked her Stafford attitude which she had in abundance.

Limit Bitch
1st - Sutherlands Brohez Dakota Diva
2 years 4 months – black brindle/white front & feet. A quality bitch  who had a lovely head type which was clean, strong and well defined with
big white teeth good eye shade and neat ear carriage. She had just enough lift for balance and had a straight front with good bone and sufficient depth of brisket. Topline was level and held on the move and rear quarters were well muscled. Moved well; a very attractive bitch
who I liked very much. Well done and good luck.

2nd- Walsh’s Urbanwater Cherry Bomb
2 years’ red with black mask. Another top quality bitch that lost out by the narrowest of margins. There is slightly less of her all round than 1,
but she has the same attributes in a smaller package. She is another with the straightest of fronts, good bone, a clean enough shoulder line, is very well balanced with correct rear quarters, level topline and shown in fit condition. A sound mover. Liked her clean head and lovely expression; a tough decision.

3rd - Brooks’ Brookshire Mary Mary
4 years brindle/white front and another of the right type for me. She has a beautiful head of correct proportions, clean muzzle, good under jaw, nice eyes, neat ears, straight front. Top line level and maintained her shape on the move, although carrying undercarriage (advised later she was having a phantom). Moved out well enough, completing a nice trio of bitches.

Australian Bred Bitch
1st - Lindsey’s Ch Linwest Ella Enchanted
6 years’ red/white front/sock. A fully mature bitch that was in excellent fit condition, is of the highest quality and who filled my eye. She has the most wonderful classic head shape, which is strong yet feminine and well defined with dark, round eyes and neat ear carriage. Muzzle
strong and of good depth and width, housing correct teeth. She is balanced from all angles, with sufficient upper arm, has a straight front,
good bone and well muscled hind quarters. Overall she is a very nice type of animal who moved well was alert and on her toes throughout.  Delighted to award CC & RBIS

2nd - Snerling’s Ch Numoon Devils Romance
1 year 5 months. A more powerful brindle bitch who was well up on the leg – she had a super clean head of good proportions was well balanced and an excellent mover borne out by correct angulations front and rear. She was in good fit condition with good bone, clean in head, dark eye and neat ear carriage - liked her.
3rd - Sing’s Cherabah Lacy
4½ years’ fawn with black mask who was showing signs of undercarriage and another who I was later advised was having a phantom pregnancy, which was a shame as it just detracted from her outline. Head of good proportions, being strong in muzzle with good under jaw, dark enough eyes, neat ears, straight front and sufficient bone (although lighter boned than 1 & 2). Another nice type of bitch that was clean enough off the front, well balanced with good rear quarters, but lacked a little fitness.

Open Bitch
1st - Kavanagh’s Ch Alport Black Diamond (Imp UK)
A classy black/brindle of almost 3 years. Perhaps a shade strong off the front, but on the day I just thought she was slightly more positive on the move than 2 and that was literally all there was in it – it was that close.  A top quality bitch that has a super head and expression, complemented by dark eyes and neat ears. She has a straight front, level topline, is well boned with good depth of brisket and excellent rear quarters of correct angulations. She was in superb condition, moved out with drive and looked a picture.  Delighted to award RCC.

2nd - Shaw’s Ch Belleden Arabesque
4 years’ brindle and white. A bitch of the highest quality, who is very much of the type I prefer. Really liked her lift and overall balance and athleticism. Super expression and head of correct proportions and balanced with body. Dark eyes, correct dentition, good depth of under jaw. Clean front, well boned and in excellent condition – a very nice bitch.

3rd - Butler & O’brien’s Tuatahi Tribal Tattoo
Black brindle/white front of almost 6 years. Another nice bitch of quality, but not quite in the same condition as 1 or 2. Well balanced, not overdone and exhibiting the type of head I like, which had good definition and an excellent expression with a strong under jaw and neat ears. She has good overall balance with a straight front, enough bone and strong rear quarters.

Neuter Bitch
1st & CC NEUTER - Clewley’s Ch Araidh Tea Leaf JD SPD (Imp UK)
6 years’ black/brindle who is bang on Standard and well put together. She has a very attractive head of correct proportions with nothing overdone. Good under jaw and strength of muzzle, correct eye shade and neat ears. She is clean off the front has good width, is well
balanced with a level topline and correct rear quarters. Moved well.

2nd - Frater & Gordon’s Classicstaff Minni Minor
Black/brindle of almost 9 years and of the style I like, being of a lighter build and with more lift than 1.  Not quite the strength of head of 1, but
it is clean, well defined and in balance with body with a neat ear carriage. She is straight off the front with good topline and rear quarters and was in good condition.

3rd - Laurier’s Truhart Velvet Night
Black/brindle of almost 8. A stronger type and perhaps a little more of her than I would personally prefer. However, she has a lovely head and expression with the darkest of eyes and good ears. She has good lift to front, is well boned and was sound on the move. Carrying a bit of weight and not as fit as 1 and 2.