th Championship Show

Judge: Mick Smith ~ Willowstaff (U.K) 
10th March, 2013       Entry – 200

It was an honour and, in spite of the extremely hot weather, a pleasure to judge the quality entry that awaited me.  I must thank the committee for inviting me and for looking after Jenny and myself so admirably. Without wishing to show favouritism I must thank Carol Kilby for being at our beck and call and I will be eternally grateful for her assistance and hope one day we can repay her. I must also mention Arthur and Bev Wilson who kindly took time out to take us out in the evening and to Celia DeCoverley for taking the time to show us around.
Finally, many thanks to Pat & Julie Walsh for putting us up after the show, and being such wonderful hosts.

With regards to the show I must thank all the exhibitors for entering and for accepting my decisions so sportingly.  My Stewards Peter Harrison and Arthur Wilson were marvellous and I must congratulate them on being so efficient and getting me through the day. 
The quality of the dogs/bitches in general was excellent and I was able to find an abundance of the type of Stafford I prefer. Head type in the majority was devoid of exaggeration and the only points of concern were evidence of inverted canines, lack of fitness and dirty teeth.  To conclude: the Stafford in Australia is on a sound footing and continuing on the same lines without introduction of exaggeration is all that is required.

Baby Puppy Dog
1st - O’Brien & Roebig’s Pitford Master O Puppets 
Black/brindle dog – 4 months old. Good bend of stifle, straight front, correctly set ears. Nicely balanced pup - moved out confidently. Typical head with nice length to muzzle at this stage of development.

2nd -
Birkland’s Jamelkur Cruzin Solo
Similar type to 1. Black/brindle/white front – 15 weeks old. Nice head, dark eye, straight front, adequate angulation. Movement somewhat erratic, but this will no doubt improve with age.

3rd - Baxter’s Boldhart Barney Me Yargi
Well boned, level topline, similar age to 1 & 2. Decent head, dark eye, correct ears. Moved out ok – just a shade heavier than 1 & 2. Pleasing trio of pups.

Minor Puppy Dog

1st -
Rasche & Tomney’s Anvilhart Hot On Your Heels
7 months black/brindle with white front. Good head, nice length of muzzle. Correct angulation at the rear, straight front. Shade long in the back. Moved out with positive drive extremely well. Nice type – up on the leg.

Puppy Dog
1st - Edwards Sookalott The Heartbreaker
Black/brindle dog – 10 months. Well balanced – moved out well. Correct angulation front and rear. Nice head; ears could be tidier. Dark eye, correct dentition. Nice type of dog at this stage of development.

Junior Dog
1st - Shaw’s Belleden The High King
Red dog with white front, just 12 months. Nicely balanced dog with correct angulations front and rear. Clean, straight front, level topline – moved out extremely well with drive and animation. Excellent head with correct ears and good length of muzzle. Liked this dog very much and the only concern I had was his lower canines were tight into the gum. Nevertheless a worthy winner.

2nd -  Frater & Gordon’s Charmstaff Lets Rock

Black/brindle dog white front, 3 white socks. Short coupled, nicely balanced, good front. Could do with a little more bend of stifle. Nice head, shorter in muzzle than 1. Dark eye, correct bite, well set ears. Moved out well.

3rd -
Van Kleeff’s Vanstaff Powerbilt
Black/brindle – shade heavier than 1 & 2. Mid cast, adequate bend of stifle. Well boned but clean enough off the shoulder line. Good head, correct ears with dark eyes but a little short in the muzzle for my personal preference.

Intermediate Dog
1st -  Smid & Hughes Warmaster Take A Shot (Imp NZ) 
3 years old pied dog. Well balanced – straight front. Excellent head and expression, good dentition, correct length of muzzle. Front and rear angulations correct with good length of humerous giving the right amount of lift. My style of dog who took my eye. Would prefer him a shade fitter. DOG CC & Reserve Best in Show – well done.NB: Was informed of his demise shortly after my return to the UK. I send my
sincerest condolences to the owners/breeders.

2nd - Draper & Birchall’s Strzeleki Dare Devil
Approaching 2 years – brindle dog – nicely balanced, reasonable bend of stifle when stacked correctly. Straight front, in good condition. Nice head type, good length of muzzle, correct bite. Dark eye and neat earset.
Nice type of dog of the make and shape I was looking for – RCC – well done. 

3rd -
Brandrick’s Remblak Carbine
2½ years old. Standard black/brindle in fair condition. Not quite the lift of 1 & 2. Well boned, straight front with good bend of stifle. Held a level topline and has correct tail set. Pleasing headpiece with a dark eye and correct bite but a little short in the muzzle for my preference.
A tidy dog exhibiting no exaggerations.

Graduate Dog

1st - Roebig’s Bxact Ridin Dirty

Tiger brindle of 17 months. Nicely build, in fit condition. Athletic with the right amount of lift. Good head type with excellent dentition and decent length of muzzle. Dark eyes and well set ears. Moved out with verve and animation. Considered in the challenge.

2nd  - Lindsey’s Linwest Thunder Bird
Nicely balanced pied dog. Short coupled, good bend of stifle. Straight front, good feet and legs. Excellent head with dark eyes and correct mouth and good length of muzzle. Another pleasing type of dog. Not the fitness of 1.

3rd - Ryan’s Linwest Hercules
5 years black/brindle dog with white feet. A good headed dog, possessing a dark eye and acceptable length of muzzle. A shade heavy for my personal preference and just preferred the movement of 1 & 2. 

Limit Dog
1st -  Koendidda Knls Koendidda Dragons Breath
Black/brindle dog – 19 months. Balanced, mid-cast but short coupled, in fit condition. Excellent head shape, dark eye, good dentition, correct length of muzzle. Moved fore and aft very well. A dog destined for top honours.

2nd -
Morse & Griffiths’ Wilstaff Out Of The Phoenix
op size red in fit condition. Ample bend of stifle, straight, clean front. Pleasing head shape, nice length to muzzle, neat enough ears and dark eye. Good mouth, moved out well with discernible drive from the rear. Just preferred overall fitness of 1.

3rd - Birchall & Draper’s -  Strzeleki Domino 
19 months white dog with brindle patch on side of head and base of tail. Enough bend of stifle when stood with rear pasterns vertical.
Typical head with good dentition and a very dark eye and neat, rose ears. Moved very soundly and held his shape on the move. Not as fit as
1 & 2 and not quite as athletic.

Australian Bred Dog
1st - Truhart Kennels’ Truhart True Grit  
21 months old. Top size black/brindle – well balanced, excellent muscle definition, good tail set, decent bend of stifle and straight front (although a slightly cleaner shoulder line would improve front profile). Excellent head shape, housing perfect bite and dark enough eyes. Moved out with drive and purpose.

2nd - Walsh’s Ch Kypajuka Violent Demise

Brindle dog – 4 years old. Standard dog in good condition but not as fit as 1 and did not exhibit the same animation on the move. Pleasing head shape, dark eyes, very good dentition. Not quite the lift of 1 and could be a shade shorter in the body, nevertheless a soundly made Standard dog.

3rd -  Darragh’s Usherin Sacre Bleu
2 years old – predominantly white with black patch on eye. Lovely head with dark eye and neat ears. Could be somewhat fitter but balanced and moved out soundly. Would prefer a little more bend of stifle and a shade more length of upper arm to give desired lift.

Open Dog
1st - Sing’s Ch Challenger Dirty Bertie (Imp NZ)
3 years old brindle dog. Well balanced and of the make and shape I was looking for. Good angulation front and rear and moved out very well. Could have been a shade fitter but loved his head type and expression, having correct dentition, rose ears and dark eyes. Clean front and
won this class on rear movement and general make and shape – my type of dog.

2nd - Sutherland’s Ch Lionsden Express Train
3 year old black/brindle dog with white front. Another dog of the make and shape I look for. Very similar to 1 and in fit condition. Correct length
of muzzle and strength of underjaw. Neat ears, dark eye, moved out very well just preferred the expression of 1 and the rear movement.
Would prefer a  tad more bend of stifle and a shade more width to front, nevertheless  a well constructed animal.

3rd -
Hopgood’s Ch Lynneve Black Hawk Down
black/brindle dog of 4 years. Another nice dog – clean front, good bend of stifle and in good condition. Not quite the balance of 1 & 2 and
would prefer a little more length to muzzle. However an attractive head with dark eyes, neat ears and correct dentition. Movement not quite as good as 1 & 2 on the day.

Neuter Dog
1st CC NEUTER - Wilson’s Borstaff Who’s a Toff
3 year old Mahogany/brindle dog. Top size – could be fitter. Lovely head, clean lipped, neat ears, dark eyes and good mouth. A well balanced dog that possesses good front and rear angulations and consequently moves well. Liked this dog.

-  Bonanno’s Ch Bronyayr Sir SookaloT
2 years black/brindle dog with white front. A strong dog and more compact than 1 and of a different type. Possesses a good head with neat enough ears, dark eyes and correct bite. Movement not as fluent as 1 and again, he could be fitter.

- Butler & O’Brien’s Ch Tanspark White Knight White dog with ticking - 9 years old. Standard size with adequate bone. Well enough constructed with a decent head, neat enough ears and dark eyes. Showing his age a little which is understandable, but could be somewhat fitter.

Baby Puppy Bitch
1st -  Bourke’s Yarrapaw Whos Your Mumma 
black/brindle with white front of 16 weeks. A balanced, upstanding puppy with level top line, ample substance, pleasing head type and neat enough ears. A confident puppy that moved out well.

2nd - Lyon’s Lionsden A Whole Lot Of Rosie
16 weeks’ black brindle with white blaze. Height to length ok and adequate bend of stifle. Head coming along nicely.  Not as together as 1 on the day but no doubt this will change on maturity.

3rd - Robinson & Wilkes’ Brookstreet Our Pocket Rocket
14 weeks old red puppy. Pleasing head and neat enough ears. Straight front, correct rear angulation. Liked this puppy but dips a little just behind the withers. On maturity will no doubt present a different picture.

Minor Puppy Bitch
1st - Wilkie’s Benshire Twice As Nice
Black/brindle bitch with white on toes of 7 months. Attractive head with excellent dentition. Well enough off for bone and reasonably balanced. Moved out with plenty of confidence and drive.

2nd - Smid & Hughes’ Blackshot Power Failure
White of 7 months. Nice little bitch, well balanced, good topline, adequate bend of stifle, pleasing front, good head shape and length of muzzle. Unfortunately has a mouth fault. Moved ok.

3rd - Koendidda Kennels’ Koendidda Bloody Mary 
Red/Smut bitch. 8 months. My type of bitch. Good head, well balanced, good length to leg and correct angulations. Moved out well. Could be cleaner lipped and again, unfortunately had a dentition fault.

Puppy Bitch
1st - Lambert’s Wooloostaff Rooftop Romance 
11 months’ tiger brindle. Very well constructed and of the make and shape I look for. Lovely head, dark eyes, neat ears good length of muzzle with correct dentition. Moved extremely well holding a level topline. A well balanced bitch who appealed to me very much –

2nd - Horley & Osbourne’s Pepstaff Poker Face 
9 months’ brindle bitch/white front. Nice headed with typical ear set. Good dentition, dark eye. A well made puppy with a level top line, good bend of stifle and straight front. Moved out well – just not quite as athletic as 1.

3rd - Litfin’s Sookalott From The Heat
Black/brindle of 9 months. Standard bitch – well constructed. Attractive head, dark eyes and correct bite. Moved out ok.
Not the athleticism of 1 & 2.

Junior Bitch

1st - Brien’s Jeolena Uppity Miss

16 months’ black/brindle with white on chest and front legs. Well balanced, good bone, straight front. Good bend of stifle, level top line. Possesses an attractive head with neat ears. A pretty bitch that held my attention, in very good condition and moved with plenty of drive from
the rear.

2nd - Cowling’s Lilrock Rogues Rumour
16 months’ black/brindle. Good length of leg, balanced, clean front, level top line, good bend of stifle. Typical head, correct ears and dentition. Movement front and rear acceptable with plenty of animation.

3rd -
Lowe’s SeiGHford Ellava Diva
17 months’ black/brindle bitch who possesses similar qualities, but in a slightly different package to 1 & 2.  She has an attractive head but
with a shorter muzzle than I prefer. A quality, standard type of bitch; just a bit cobbier than I would normally go for. Could be shown in a lot harder condition.

Intermediate Bitch
1st - Edwards’ Sookalott Dreamcatchme
Red bitch - 2 years old. Good length of muzzle, correct mouth, shown in fit condition. A very well balanced bitch that moved out well.
Excellent head type with correctly set ears. Liked this bitch.

2nd -
Clewley’s Highbourne Hello Gorgeous
2 years’ old black/brindle with slight white on front. In good condition, well boned with enough bend of stifle. Pleasing head type with rose
ears and correct bite and dark eye. Just preferred overall balance of 1.

3rd -
Walsh’s Kypajuka Widows Dorta
3 years’ old – black/brindle with white bib and feet. Similar in type to 1 & 2 with the same attributes. Close decision between first 3 places
and sure on another occasion the positions could be rearranged;  a nice trio of bitches.

Graduate Bitch
1st  - Holohan’s Koznr Zenas Precious Gift
5 years’ old – mahogany brindle/white front. A well balanced bitch who could be in better condition. Attractive head with good length to muzzle, dark eyes, neat ears and correct dention. Moved out ok but seemed to be affected by the adverse conditions.

2nd - Colborne’s Kimerry Whispers In The Night
2 years’ black/brindle. Strong headed bitch. Well boned front and good bend of stifle. Could be slightly shorter in the back/coupling but has a level top line and moved ok. A shorter muzzle than I prefer, but proportioned – housing correct dentition. Could be a lot fitter.

3rd - Vine’s Triffstaff Cookies N Cream 
3 years old - predominantly white with ticking – a strong bitch in good condition. Good head with dark eyes and correctly set ears. Well off for bone with wide front and powerful rear quarters. Just a little too much for me.

Limit Bitch
1st - Walsh’s Urbanwater Cherry Bomb
2 years old - red bitch/black mask. Very well presented and in fit condition. Nicely balanced, good rear quarters, clean off the front. Level
topline both standing and on the move. A lovely head with dark eyes, correct ears and dentition. Moved out extremely well; a quality animal
who won this class with relative ease. RCC – well done.

2nd- Sutherlands Brohez Dakota Diva
2½ years’ black/brindle/white front. A good headed bitch with dark eye, good bite and neat ears. Well proportioned, with a clean front and correct rear quarters who also moved well. Not a lot to choose between 1 & 2 in terms of general construction, but 1 just had that touch of class to take the honours on the day.

3rd - Brooks’ Brookshire Mary Mary
4 years’ black/brindle with white front. Cobbier bitch than 1 & 2 but still balanced with a clean enough front and adequate bend of stifle. Has a decent head of good proportions and typical rose ears. Teeth are a little damaged indicative of the usual wear and tear. Could be fitter.

Australian Bred Bitch
1st - Cairns & Hanley’s Solidrock English Edition
Black/brindle of 2 years old. A balanced bitch in fit condition. Front and rear angulations acceptable. Straight front, clean shoulder line, has a lovely head with dark eyes and neat ears. Moved out with drive and animation, particularly considering the heat.

2nd - Lindsey’s Ch Linwest Ella Enchanted
6 years’ red/white front and socks. Again, balanced and similar in type to 1. Good head with correct length to muzzle, dark eye and correct dentition. Just preferred the drive and animation of 1, but both 1 and 2 were stronger than my personal preference.
3rd - Sing’s Cherabah Lacy
Red bitch of 4½ years. My type of bitch but suffering from a phantom pregnancy and could be in a lot fitter condition. Up on the leg, well balanced, clean front, possesses a good head, correct muzzle, dark mask and good teeth. Pity not in show condition. 

Open Bitch
1st - Shaw’s Ch Belleden Arabesque
Probably the best class of the day. Brindle bitch - 4 years old and in lovely condition. A super bitch that was right up my street. Lovely head
type with good length of muzzle and excellent bite, dark eyes and neat ears. Clean off the front with plenty of lift; angulation front and rear complementary with super rear quarters. Moved out as you would expect from such a well constructed bitch.

2nd - Kavanagh’s Ch Alport Black Diamond (Imp UK)
3 years’ black/brindle of the highest quality. Very similar in type to 1 and shown in fit condition. The same comments apply;  just lost out marginally on rear angulation and not quite as good as 1 with respect to rear movement. Just pipped at the post for the RCC by an
exceptional red bitch out of the Limit class.

3rd -
Roebig’s Ch Joden Temptress
7 years’ black/brindle. Another bitch of quality and of the same type, in good condition. The same comments apply – just preferred 1 & 2 on
the day. A trio of quality bitches and a pleasure to go over them.

Neuter Bitch
1st & CC NEUTER - Clewley’s Ch Araidh Tea Leaf JD SPD (Imp UK)
black/brindle bitch of 6 years. Nice type, in fit condition. A quality bitch that belies her age, although stronger than I would normally pick, she is well balanced with a straight front and good rear quarters.  Very attractive head with well set ears and dark eyes, good mouth. Well done.

2nd - Laurier’s Truhart Velvet Night
Black/brindle.  Similar make and shape to 1,pleasing head, correct ears and dark eyes, correct bite but a shade bigger all round. 8 years old and not as fit, which in this classification it can be argued is excusable.

3rd - Sorenson’s Charmstaff Madison Avenue
Brindle with white front – 3 years old. A cobbier type of bitch – reasonable bend of stifle and straight enough off the front. More of a Standard bitch with a typical head dark eye and correct bite. Could be fitter but constructed well enough.