th Championship Show

Judge: Laurie Ford (U.K) 
8th March, 2014       Entry – 171


Firstly may I offer my sincere thanks to all exhibitors for allowing me the privilege of judging their dogs and also to the committee of
The SBT Club of Victoria for the invitation.
I enjoyed my day immensely and was pleased that my decisions were accepted graciously and in a sporting manner.
The standard and quality of SBT’s in Australia would appear to be somewhat consistent with what I had been told by other UK judges
who had visited and judged in your country this being that the breed is in good hands with considerate and knowledgeable breeders
and some of the exhibits assessed here today could in my opinion certainly challenge for top honours in the UK.
My concerns with the relatively small number of SBT’s I judged here today would be that there appears to be a prevalence of gay tails
creeping in to your breeding which should be considered when planning your next mating. The outline of a handsome SBT can be
ruined by this trait, distorting what should be a continuous flowing line whilst on the move and can also give an appearance of sway
back on some exhibits. Another concern was the amount of lower canine malocclusion which appeared to affect the bitches more
than the dogs and a fault  which I will not mention in my critique as I consider it to be cannon fodder for the less experienced judge.
Keep an eye on this situation because it can easily run away with you, however as previously said the overall quality was pretty good.
Light eyes can distract from other qualities, black and dark brindles expressions are spoilt by this and another breeding issue to consider.
My following critique is based solely on my interpretation of the breed standard.    

Baby Puppy Dog
is a brindle with white chest marking. I absolutely loved the make and shape of this baby
whose expression won him the class, so much attitude for a baby. He has tremendous bone throughout without being coarse and at the moment shows a lot of potential. If his development continues through, I predict a very bright future.

2nd -
Kesics’ AKINOS THE COURT JESTER is a predominantly white pied. Another of good make and shape. Nicely constructed and balanced at this stage. Noticed his tight well padded feet and carried his tail in the desirable pump handle position. Pushed 1st hard.

3rd - Bonanno’s BRONAYR THE NUGGET  is a good quality black brindle possessing all the attributes at this stage which hopefully will
carry through to his mature years.

Minor Puppy Dog

1st -
Wymarks BRIKHED CHARLESTOWN is a topsized powerful boy with a gleaming dark brindle coat. Displaying a head of correct
proportion furnished with neat, well placed thin ears and dark piercing eye of good shape. Excellent front assembly.
At the moment appearing a little out of balance and lacking a little in hindquarter angulation, however had enough virtue to head this class.

2nd -  Colbornes OURKNIGHTS SIMPLY SINFUL is a pied built on slighter lines. In great condition he has a good well shaped skull, would prefer to see a bit more daylight between the front legs, and his hindquarters are spot on. Handled well.

3rd - O’Dea’s KNIGHTSKY BLACK ICE is a standard sized black brindle. His overall appearance is that of a more racier type of terrier.
Well put together fore and aft but does not use his tail to advantage.

Puppy Dog
1st - Bolands JUSTAFFIED A LIL ANARCHY. Standing four square this flashy fawn with white collar, chest and socks draws the eye towards him. Standard size with a powerful neatly furnished head although I would have like to see a slightly shorter foreface. Nicely constructed forequarters and muscular hindquarters. In good coat and condition.

2nd -  Vines TRIFFSTAFF THE ARSONIST is a topsized brindle possessing a punishing head. Pushing the winner all the way I preferred the balance and hindquarters of the winner.

3rd -
Osbornes JUSTAFFIED SO DAM POETIC is standard sized in a tight fawn and white coat. Has a well shaped defined skull.
Front movement lets him down.

Junior Dog
1st - Livingstones LIKALOT DIVILS WANDERER. In my notes I actually described this young boy as a “contender” for top honours.
Possessing all the attributes to take him to the top this black brindle has a head which is broad and deep, keen expression helped by
neat tidy ears well placed eye and strong clean muzzle. His short neck flows into a gun barrel front. Powerful angulated hindquarters drive
him with ease. Active and agile a true representative of the breed. Pushed my RCC winner to the wire.

2nd - 
Jennings/Birses’ CH. JENRANA SOUNDBOY ROCK is a brindle and white of excellent proportions. He has a strong powerful head and neck flowing into a well laid front. Good movement fore and aft. Unlucky to meet the winner today.

3rd -
O’Brien/Roebigs’ PITFORD MASTER OF PUPPETS is a dark brindle with the best of expression. Built on lighter lines than 1 and 2 he is however balanced throughout. Would prefer to see a darker eye on this coat colour.

Intermediate Dog
1st -  Koendidda Kennels CH. KOENDIDDA DRAGONS BREATH is a standard sized black brindle. Nice head and expression. He is built
soundly and moved quite well.

2nd -
Elliotts CHARMSTAFF HARRY THE KING has a strong powerful head. Nice make and shape with good strong bone throughout.

3rd -
McManus’ TRAMAC SHUT UP AND KISS ME. This standard brindle is of overall good quality. Tends to slope away at the croup which spoils an otherwise pleasing outline

Graduate Dog

1st - Menadues JOLIHEM THE PHARAOH. This topsized fawn and white was easily the best mover of the day. He owns a well defined,
shapely head just let down by slightly flighty ears. He has a broad and deep chest, excellent topline and well angled hindquarters.
In tip top condition and handled to perfection.

2nd  - Draper/Birchalla STRZELEKI DARE DEVIL
is a strong headed brindle. Well constructed front and rear assemblies although slightly
long cast. Moved well.

3rd -
Ryans LINWEST HERCULES is a nice dark brindle and white. I liked this dog but couldn’t get past his front which was quite narrow. 

Limit Dog
Good honest dog of standard size this black brindle has a broad, deep skull,
nicely set neat ears, forward looking eyes and strong muzzle. His short strong neck blends in to a broad front. Well ribbed and with
muscular hindquarters. Nice to see a neat whip tail carried correctly in a good moving dog.

2nd -
Crumptons STARSHIRAZ FIRE CRACKER is a top sized, more rangy type of dog, presenting a very smart picture. Would liked to have
seen a bit more substance. Moved with purpose and ease.

3rd - Fraters/Gordons CHARMSTAFF LETS ROCK. Great expression on this boy. Correct head and expression, nicely ribbed to well turned quarters. Front assembly not the best.

Australian Bred Dog
1st - Bawdens CH CASTLEBAR RISE AND SHINE is a black brindle with white chest. Strong deep through skull with pronounced cheek
bumps. His front assembly is spot on. He has an excellent topline, nicely ribbed, and muscular throughout. Carried his tail high on the
move which is a shame, however he nicked this class on overall soundness.

2nd - Walshs’ CH KYPAJUKA VIOLENT DEMISE is not quite as strong as 1st but possesses many of the same qualities. In gleaming coat
and condition he looked a picture in the sunshine and all credit must go to his owner. Moved really well and was unlucky today...
just preferred the stacked picture of 1st

3rd -  
Brandricks CH REMBLAKE CARBINE is another of similar make and shape to 1 and 2. He probably has the best expression of the
three. Another one unlucky to meet such strong competition today.

Open Dog  
1st - Consadine/Averys’ CH MOSSTROOPER MEMPHIS SLIM was the boy I had been looking for all day. Without taking away anything
from all the other dog exhibits here today, it is always nice for a judge to be presented with a dog with the wow factor. From the
moment he entered the ring his quality in abundance was clear to see. In accepting that he may appear to be too much for some, his soundness and breed type was by far the best here today. Bang on the standards maximum height clause and possibly just over
the weight by a few pounds he couldn’t and shouldn’t be penalised. A masculine attractively coloured brindle and white in superb condition with a broad defined skull, tidy well set ears, dark round eye, short in foreface, cleanest of lips which allowed the depth of
underjaw to be seen and enhanced his huge cheek muscles. His short neck tapered into a perfect front, broad and deep with correct slope and lay of shoulder. His ribs were long and deep to a short powerful coupling and his muscled well turned hindquarters propelled
him with power and ease. In the challenge I had no hesitation at all in awarding him the CC and eventually the BOB awards. A fantastic dog well deserving of his spoils today!!!

2nd -
Hopgoods CH LYNNEVE BLACK HAWK DOWN is a powerfully made black brindle with bags of attitude and breed type. Another with a punishingly strong head, neat ears, well placed eye, short foreface and broad deep muzzle. Short strong neck into a gun barrel front, well ribbed to short loin and angulated hindquarters. Another in gleaming condition this boy moved around the ring like he owned it.
Liked him enough to award him the RCC.

3rd - Lunns STARSHIRAZ THE HUSTLER is a quality fawn and white. Clean in outline he presents an almost perfect picture of a male
Stafford. Head of good proportion with neat tidy furnishings creating a fantastic expression. Nice wide front and well muscled quarters
moved him along with ease.

Neuter Dog
- Wilsons BORSTAFF WHO’S A TOFF is a nicely put together brindle. Of nice overall make and shape and in excellent condition this topsized boy deserved to be first even though he stood alone.

Baby Puppy Bitch
1st -  Roebigs BXACT THE PANDORICA OPENS is a smart and attractive black brindle. She is so well balanced with beautiful head and expression, just the right amount of bone throughout. I liked her a lot.

2nd - Livingstones LIKALOT RUTHLESS ANGEL is very similar to 1st in nearly all departments however I just preferred the head and
expression of the winner.

3rd -
Powerpaws Kennels STAFFDUP MAGIC TOUCH is a handy brindle of good make and shape.

Minor Puppy Bitch
1st - Strovers WESTROVA FLIRT IN A SKIRT. This beautiful pied puppy fills the eye with quality. Absolutely loved her make and shape.
Strength without coarseness in all departments maintaining a feminine appearance. I predict a bright future for this girl.

2nd - Oldenburghs’  STAFFYHOUSE LOVE IN TRUTH is a black brindle of top size. Appearing a little rangy at the moment,
but give her time. In excellent coat and condition.

Puppy Bitch
1st - Lowes SEIGHFORD OUT OF AFRICA demanded attention at all times. This girl appears to thrive in the show ring. Typical Stafford head clean with strength and depth, short neck into first class front assembly, well ribbed to strong loin, hindquarters muscled and
angled.Her dark brindle coat glistened in the sun as she moved freely across the ring.

2nd -
Mc Cances’ PITFORD MUSTANG SALLY is a top end black brindle with lots of quality. Good head of correct proportions displaying a
keen expression. Well bodied and in good coat and condition although some roadwork would probably assist in strengthening her pasterns.

3rd - Morses’ LAPWING DARK DESTINY appeared a little lethargic today which is a pity because she is a nicely made bitch.
Of topsize she has much virtue possessing a beautiful skull, good front and rear assemblies and moves reasonably well.

Junior Bitch

is a flashily marked fawn and white. Beautiful pigment on this girl with her dark mask enhancing an attractive head of good proportions. So nice to see a dark eye on this colouring. Her front is broad and deep with well boned forelegs, her feet are not her fortune but can be worked on. Good body length with level topline held on the move, nicely angulated
rear quarters finished with a neat whip tail.

This standard sized black brindle displays a strong chiselled head, short neck into a body of correct proportions and angles. Her powerful hindquarters propelled her with ease around the ring. A very nice bitch.

3rd -
Lelliots NOBRE CONQUISTADOR is another standard four square black brindle with a well defined skull and good body components. Moved well if slightly weak in pastern.

Intermediate Bitch
Liked this girl a great deal. Of perfect size, this fawn bitch is extremely well balanced. Cracking head which is broad and deep with a good width of muzzle, deep stop, short in foreface giving a beautiful expression.
Wide and deep in front with the desired slight out turn at pastern. Tight feet with black nails. Good lay of shoulder into a well ribbed body.
Her hind musculation and angulation moved her effortlessly.

2nd - Hunt/Horley/Osbornes PEPSTAFF POKER FACE
pushed the winner all the way to the wire. This quality brindle girl has a head which is clean and well defined. Excellent forequarters into a shapely muscled body. Nice angulation to rear gave her the desired drive.

3rd -
Van Kleefs CH STAFFORCE SPECIAL EDITION is an athletic white bitch of good construction. Powerful head and good expression.
Liked her a lot but please work on those feet.

Graduate Bitch
1st  - Lindseys LINWEST HELLO DOLLY. Here we have an athletic pied girl whose head properties draws the eye. Broad and deep with perfectly placed ears and eyes, short foreface and broad blocky clean muzzle. A tad heavy in shoulder which doesn’t distract from her overall appearance. Best of toplines, well ribbed and muscled hindquarters. Moved well.

2nd -
Wyowna Kennels WYOWNA SINGASONGOFSIXPENCE is a standard sized black brindle of excellent make and shape. Although possessing a couple of minor faults her virtue far outweighed these and she deserved her placing behind an extremely good bitch.

3rd -
O’Sheas’ KIMBASTAFF FINALLY HERE is a black brindle also of good make and shape and moving well. I couldn’t get past her
flighty ears which unfortunately spoils an otherwise nice expression.

Limit Bitch
1st - Briens JEOLENA UPPITY MISS. This smart brindle and white has the cleanest of skulls. Her broad skull is enhanced by tidy thin ears, dark well shaped and placed eye, short foreface, clean lips and strong underjaw. Her short neck blends well into clean shoulders
to gun barrel front, deep brisket and densely boned forelegs. Short muscular body and powerful hindquarters finished with that important pump handle tail .In superb condition. Had no doubt that she thoroughly deserved her RCC

2nd- Sutherlands BROHEZ DAKOTA DIVA is an upright black brindle with an expression to die for. She is well constructed throughout with
nice lines and short tight fitting jacket on a muscular body. Moved with purpose and expertly handled.

3rd -
Powerpaws Kennels POWERPAWS RECLAIM THE NIGHT  possesses a strong, powerful head. Her overall make and shape is
pleasing so was unfortunate to have met 1 and 2 today as she is a good honest bitch.

Australian Bred Bitch
1st - Osborne/Keanes  DAGWOODSTAFF MISSYS  GIRL. This dark brindle girl fills the eye. Her head is broad with good depth. Nicely carried ears which she used to advantage. Forward looking well placed eye. Clean and tidy muzzle. Wide deep chest, perfect front, level topline to strong loin and muscled hindquarters. Expertly handled to her first place.

2nd -
Keelans POWERPAWS HAPPY DAYS is a top sized brindle girl who has a head of good proportions and furnishings. Her front
assembly is top drawer, level topline and nice tuck up. Would prefer a bit more hind angulation to finish off a very pleasing picture.

3rd - CH SOLIDROCK ENGLISH EDITION owns a cracking headpiece spoilt by slightly light eye in comparison to her black brindle
colouring. She is of a good size and is in perfect coat and condition.

Open Bitch
This deep fawn girl has all the essentials required for the perfect show Stafford.
Presented in immaculate condition which showed in her demeanour, full of vitality and life, she immediately draws the eye. Wonderful expression created by tiny thin ears, round forward looking eyes, short foreface, large nostrils,  blunt muzzle dark mask and strong powerful underjaw. Her short muscular neck flows perfectly into a wide front with deep brisket, and the desired slight out turn at pastern.
Short powerful body to an abundance of power in perfectly turned hindquarters. She moved well which I expected from such a well made
bitch. I can confidently say that she would cut the mustard in the UK such is her quality. Standing absolutely four square I enjoyed
awarding her a thoroughly deserved CC.

2nd -
Heards TOPLOADER BLACK MARIA is a smart and attractive black brindle. Strong, deep through skull, slightly pinched in front , perfect regular topline, well ribbed to strong loin and well turned hindquarters. Strong bone throughout without coarsness. Another shown in tip top condition.

3rd -
Osborne/Horleys CH. CAYBRE LADY GAGA is a classy upright brindle who on her day is going to challenge the very best.
Certainly gave the 1st and 2nd here today a run for their money. Lovely make and shape she deserved her placing in this strong class.

Neuter Bitch
1st & CC NEUTER - Sorensens CHARMSTAFF MADISON AVENUE is a standard sized dark brindle of quality. Beautiful sculptured head, short strong neck to well formed front. Nicely ribbed and tucked up. Her hindquarters are strong and muscular which assisted her free flowing movement.

2nd - Birklands CH. CASTLEBAR LUCKY STAR deserved her second placing after a closely fought contest. This black brindle and white has much virtue. Just preferred the overall balance of 1st.

3rd -
Fraters CHARMSTAFF CROWN JEWEL has a tremendous head. Her body is proportioned however her topline and long toes let
down an otherwise nice girl.