th Championship Show

Judge: Katrina Marsh (Aus) 
9th March, 2014       Entry – 174


I would like to congratulate The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club on a well run show, and in the absolute honour of judging my home club
for my first appointment.  The trophy table was amazing. My Stewards both ring and assembly were efficient and a pleasure to work with. 
I would also like to thank all of the exhibitors for their good manners and sportsmanship. It will hold a very special memory to me always.
Baby Puppy Dog
White male black markings, strong bone throughout. Good strength of muzzle and head piece as I
would expect for this age. A well constructed puppy with strong top line. One to watch for the future.

2nd -
LIKALOT CHILDS PLAY - Black Brindle male, pleasing head piece for his age. Good bone throughout, well laid back shoulder.
Level top line with good turn of stifle. As he matures and tightens up, should mature into a lovely dog

3rd - USHERIN TOO FAST TOO FURIOUS - Brindle male with white markings, just a wee baby in the class. Lovely shape to this pup,
head piece still to develop. A tight little package

Minor Puppy Dog

1st -
BRIKHED CHARLESTOWN - Brindle male, good strength and depth throughout, head pleasing proportions, good bone and type.
Although longer cast he had a good turn of stifle

2nd -  KNIGHTSKY BLACK ICE- Black brindle male, better proportions on this boy. Head piece strong but a little short in muzzle for me.
Good style of dog would prefer slightly stronger bone.

3rd - OURKNIGHTS SIMPLY SINFUL - Black and white pied male, well-marked going through a gangly growth stage.
Would prefer stronger bone.

Puppy Dog
1st - TRIFFSTAFF THE ARSONIST - Black brindle male, strong head piece. Good strength of bone. Correct dentition, dark eye small
rose ear. A little long in neck and longer cast dog.  Adequate front angles and rear.

2nd -  JUSTAFFIED A LIL ANARCHY (AI) - Red male white markings, Neat package, good proportions. Would prefer more strength of muzzle.  Good bone, short coupled adequate front angulation, good turn of stifle.

3rd -
Red male white markings, real show pony, good strength of muzzle, dark eye, neat ear.
Would prefer better lay back of shoulder and hindquarter. Tail set to high.

Junior Dog
1st - LIKALOT DIVILS WANDERER (AI) - Black brindle male, This boy is the business.  Stunning type, fantastic blend of bull and terrier. Clean tight head piece with a strong muzzle, correct dentition. Lovely broad nostrils. Medium size dark eye of correct round shape. Well pronounced cheeks, tiny rose ear. Strong short muscular neck, leading into a well laid back shoulder, forelegs well boned and strong well-padded feet. Well ribbed back and short coupled, will drop more in brisket with age. Good turn of stifle with good width and hard
muscle. Correct tail set, full of spirit don’t try to change him. A dog that moved with purpose and strength. Happy to award him BIS.

2nd - 
CH JENRANA SOUNDBOY ROCK - Black brindle male with white markings. Another lovely dog, a real mover and when you look at his angles you can see why. Strong head would prefer deeper stop, and smaller ear. Correct front angulation, well ribbed back.
Good turn of stifle, shown in good condition.

3rd -
PITFORD MASTER O PUPPETS - Black brindle male. I like the style of this dog but would prefer stronger bone. Clean head piece, good stop, neat ear. Adequate front and rear angles.

Intermediate Dog
1st -  CH SOOKALOTT THE HEARTBREAKER - Black brindle male of exceptional type. Strong deep head piece. Strong deep head piece,
correct dentition. Lovely expression would prefer neater ear fold, but it wasn’t at all heavy.  Short strong muscular neck, well-made front.
Strong bone, well ribbed back with a short and strong loin. Good pump handle tail, well-muscled rear quarters.
Very happy to award him res cc, in lovely company.

2nd -
CHARMSTAFF HARRY THE KING - Black brindle male with white markings.   Strong head piece, verging on a little short in muzzle for my liking.  Dark eye, strong muscular neck leading into well placed shoulder.  Well ribbed back.  Good turn of stifle with good strength in second thigh.  Good tail set.  Another good specimen.

3rd -
CH KOENDIDDA DRAGONS BREATH - Black brindle male. I would have preferred a stronger head piece, deeper through with a more distinct stop. Well angled in front. Well ribbed back and good turn of stifle.

Graduate Dog

1st - STRZELEKI DARE DEVIL - Brindle male, pleasing type. I would prefer slightly more depth of skull and slightly stronger muzzle.
A little longer cast, yet well made in both front and rear quarters, good top line, good bone, lovely tail set.

2nd  -
LINWEST HERCULES - Brindle male with white markings, body proportions good. Adequate front angulation could do with more
strength and a better rear angulation.

3rd -
JOLIHEM THE PHARAOH (IMP NZ) - Red male with white markings. Heavier set boy, a little loose in skin, prefer neater ear, strong muscular neck, adequate front angulation. Good bone, good turn of stifle and width in second thigh. Coat and muscle in good condition.

Limit Dog
Brindle and white pied male.  Lovely head piece, with good depth and width, good expression.
I would prefer better angulation front and rear quarters. Good feet, lovely bone, well ribbed back short in loin.

2nd -
STRZELEKI DOMINO - White male with brindle markings. Longer cast dog strong head piece. Good front angulation, well ribbed back. Good rear angulation.

3rd - WOOLOOSTAFF THE DEVILS WINGMAN (AI) -Black brindle male. Good breed type. Carrying a little too much weight today.
Pleasing head piece would prefer stronger muzzle. Adequate front and rear angulation. Short coupled good top line..

Australian Bred Dog
1st - CH HARVED BLINDEDBYTHEWHITE - White male. Eye catching dog of good proportions. Pleasing head piece, I would like slightly more strength of muzzle. Dark eye with soft expression. Great pigmentation, neat rose ear. Adequate front angulation with good strength of bone. Lovely feet, well ribbed back level top line. Good tail set. Lovely turn of stifle. Shown in good condition.

Brindle male, neat compact dog who carried himself well around the ring. Good head piece,
I would like a slightly bigger eye. Strong muzzle good cheek and small rose ear. Good front angulation. Short coupled, Shown in good hard condition.

3rd -  
CH VANSTAFF I AM COOL  - Brindle male. Good head piece, showing good strength. Lovely eye shape, neat ear. Could do with better front angulation. Good strength of bone. Well ribbed back, short strong loin. Adequate turn of stifle.

Open Dog  
1st - IZUMIS GORGEOUS JORGE (IMP UK) - White male with red markings, Strong bone and clean lines nothing exaggerated. Appealing
head with superb pigment, dark eye, neat rose ear. Short strong neck leading into an adequate lay of shoulder.
Strong well boned forelegs and feet. Well ribbed back, short coupled. Good hindquarter and strength in second thigh.

2nd -
CH STANBURY STRIKE THE STARS - White male with red markings, Clean head piece, lovely pigment. I would like to see a slightly
larger eye. Strong clean neck. Good front well boned, neat feet. Good depth of brisket well ribbed back, level top line which he carried well
on the move. Good hindquarter angulation.

3rd - CH MOSSTROOPER MEMPHIS SLIM - Brindle male with white markings. Strong head piece.
Strong bone, good feet. Well ribbed back, short loin. Just sloped a little off the croup. Shown in hard condition.

Neuter Dog
- DUAL CH OURGANG DON'T STOP ME NOW AFD CH - Brindle male. What a grand old boy in great condition at 9yrs of age. Head piece still in good muscular condition. Short neck, leading into a well laid shoulder. Well ribbed back. Solid hindquarters with
good turn of stifle.

2nd - BORSTAFF WHOS A TOFF - Brindle male. Another boy in good condition. Clean head piece, neat rose ear. Strong neck, well laid shoulder. Well ribbed back, level top line. Good turn of stifle. Adequate bone.

3rd - CH BRONYAYR SIR SOOKALOT - Black brindle male. Compact dog with good bone throughout. A little deep in chest and carrying
little too much weight today.

Baby Puppy Bitch
1st -  AKINOS TELLER OF TALES - Black brindle with white markings. Really lovely type, very promising puppy. Clean strong head piece,
dark eye, good bone. Lovely angles should go well in the future.

2nd - ZERACIOUS WHITE SUPREMACY - White bitch, stunning head piece. Very feminine bitch, lighter in bone, short coupled, could have a better lay back of shoulder, good turn of stifle. Quality pup.

3rd -
WOOLOOSTAFF THE DEVIL SENT ME - Black brindle. Good type strong bone. Nice proportions, clean head with dark eye. Another promising pup. Correct angulation and width in hindquarters even at this young age.

Minor Puppy Bitch
1st - WESTROVA STOIC FLIRT INA SKIRT - Striking black and white pied.  Lovely head piece, gorgeous dark eye good depth throughout skull. Great pigment, tiny rose ears. So feminine, well angled shoulder. Short coupled, good angles, moved very well.
Pushed hard for res cc. One to watch in the future.

2nd - STAFFYHAUS LOVE IN TRUTH - Black brindle bitch, going through a growth stage not as together as no 1. Good bone, tidy feet.
Adequate angles. Well ribbed back. Has a bit of maturing to do.

Puppy Bitch
1st - LAPWING DARK DESTINY - Black brindle bitch. Classy type, strong head, dark eye super mouth, clean well placed ear.
Short strong neck, adequate shoulder. Well ribbed back, short coupled. Good width in second thigh. Strong bone throughout.

2nd -
SEIGHFORD OUT OF AFRICA (AI) - Brindle with white markings. Neat head, dark eye, short muzzle. Good bone. Adequate front,
good top line. Very petite bitch.

3rd - PITFORD MUSTANG SALLY  - Black brindle bitch, A little weaker in head to the first two. Short coupled good strength of bone.

Junior Bitch

Black brindle with white. The impact of this bitch was her movement. Lovely type. Clean head, I would prefer deeper stop and darker eye. Well built, supper angles, strong well-turned rear quarters. A little longer cast. But held top line well.

Black brindle with white markings. Lovely style of bitch. I would prefer a darker eye and more strength of muzzle. Neat rose ear. Well-made front quarters, short coupled, great turn of stifle and lovely width in second thigh.
Shown in super condition.

3rd -
ZERACIOUS UP TO SCRATCH - Black brindle bitch. Pleasing head piece. Short strong muzzle, deep stop, dark eye, neat rose ear.
I would prefer a better lay back of shoulder. Held top line well. I would prefer better turn of stifle. Good width and bone, hard muscle tone.

Intermediate Bitch
White bitch. First thing that hit me was the superb pigment of eye rims. A hard feat on an all-white Stafford. Lovely moving bitch, short coupled well ribbed back. Feminine head, moderate bone, sufficient angles. Kept a level top line on the move.

2nd -
CH STANBURY RASBERRY BERET - Red bitch. Beautiful head, very feminine.  Super pigment, dark eye. Strong bone, short coupled.
Good tail set, good width in second thigh.

3rd -
CH WYOWNA CHOCCYWOCCYDOODAH - Black brindle with white, lovely type. Stunning head, short muzzle, dark eye, neat ear.
Short coupled. Strong bone, great turn of stifle.

Graduate Bitch
1st  - WYOWNA SINGASONGOFSIXPENCE - Black brindle bitch with white. Lovely type. Good side gait. Good head piece, dark eye, neat ear. Short coupled, good bone. Well-turned stifle.

2nd -
KIMBASTAFF FINALLY HERE - Brindle with white markings. Feminine bitch. Clean head, would prefer deeper stop, slightly larger ear. Good bone, well-muscled, slightly longer in loin. Good tail set.

Black brindle with white markings. Pleasing head, not quite as good on forequarters as no 2. Short coupled, good turn of stifle. Good strength of bone.

Limit Bitch
1st - POWERPAWS RECLAIM THE NIGHT - Black brindle bitch.  Strong head piece, short deep through. Dark eye, neat ear.
Well made in both fore and rear quarter. Verging on being too deep in brisket. Lovely moving bitch. Good strength throughout.

2nd- BROHEZ DAKOTA DIVA - Black brindle bitch.  Attractive head piece, good depth, short muzzle, dark eye, neat ear. I would like a better
lay of shoulder. Short coupled, I would prefer more turn of stifle.

3rd -
LILROCK DA DEVIL N DISGUISE - Black brindle bitch. Pleasing type. Clean head piece. Adequate angles. Well ribbed back,
short strong loin.

Australian Bred Bitch
1st - CH KABIRA KHE SANH - Brindle bitch. Substantial bitch. Good headpiece, dark eye. Good strength of muzzle, neat ear. Well-made front. Short coupled good depth of brisket. Moved well. Good width in second thigh.

Black brindle bitch. Well proportioned. Good head piece, with strong muzzle. Strong muscular neck.
Good angulation in forequarters, level top line. Adequate turn of stifle, would prefer more width in second thigh, moved well

3rd - CH TRUHART NO SURRENDER - Black brindle bitch. Good type. Overall good head piece. I would prefer more strength of muzzle.
Well-made front, well ribbed back. Good strength in rear quarters

Open Bitch
This was such a strong class of quality bitches, was a pleasure to judge.

1st -
CH ARTISINAL THE PAWN QUEEN - White bitch, black markings. Absolutely stunning, caught my eye straight away. Feminine yet strong, clean head piece of pleasing proportions, dark eye. Lovely rose ear. Clean neck into shoulder adequate strength of bone.
Small tight feet. Well pigmented. Good depth through brisket, well ribbed back into a strong short loin. Held top line well, moved with drive. Good turn of stifle, lovely tail set. Quality bitch a real head turner and very happy to award her RUBIS.

Black brindle. Once again a bitch of top quality. Excellent breed type, lovely head piece, with strength throughout. Dark eye good length of muzzle. Very good body proportions, well balanced front and rear quarters, level top line.
Shown in good condition and very deserving of res cc.

3rd -
CH LINWEST ELLA ENCHANTED - Red bitch with white markings. Classy head piece with a melting dark eye. Good depth of skull and length of muzzle. Neat well placed rose ear. Compact body. Used everything she had on the move.
I would prefer a better turn of stifle. Very feminine

Neuter Bitch
1st & CC NEUTER - CH CASTLEBAR LUCKY STAR (AI) - Black brindle with white markings. Lovely type. Very good head piece, dark eye.
Well-made front. A little longer cast. Good turn of stifle.

2nd - CH JUMADABEY LIYA - White with red markings. Great moving bitch, very good front and rear angulation. Held top line well.
I would prefer stronger bone throughout.

3rd - GR CH BOLDHART HARDHEARTD HANAH - Red bitch. Well put together bitch. Good bone, well ribbed back strong level top line.
Carrying a little weight.