7th Championship Show

Judge: Mrs Janet Higgins (UK) 
7th March, 2015       Entry – 194


I am eternally grateful to the Officers and Committee of the SBT Club of Victoria for the invitation to judge their Championship show and for
their unstinting hospitality and generosity!!  I thoroughly enjoyed the show, which ran like clockwork (even the weather obliged!) and congratulate the hard working committee on the excellent organisation of the event.

Additionally my sincere thanks to all exhibitors who gave me the opportunity to go over their dogs.   Generally the standard of exhibits was similar to that of the UK and I was impressed with the overall quality.  Some dogs were not quite as fit as I would like but I understand how difficult it must be to exercise dogs during the summer months in the very high temperatures typical of Australia.

My aim was to produce a line up of well balanced dogs and bitches fitting the Standard and I was very pleased with my final choices of both dogs and bitches on the day, especially as there were some really strong classes where it was very difficult to choose the winning five from
the dogs in the ring.  There were many promising youngsters with a bright future ahead, too, and I hope to hear great things of them as time goes by.

Baby Puppy Dog
1st - Powerpaws Ride the Lightning (Cherishapug Knls) -
Black brindle puppy just 4 ½ months of age but with ample bone, nice head for
age complimented by dark eyes and good expression.  Good overall construction evident.  Short coupled and no over-exaggeration. 
Sure he has lots of promise for the future.

2nd -
Zeracious Starman (F & M Coetzer) - Well behaved Black/Brindle and White youngster that showed well in the class. 
Nicely put together but preferred the outline of 1.  Another to watch!

3rd - Zedistaff Slug the Sloth (R Soutar) - Plenty of bone and nice headshape on this attractive five month old youngster but he was
obviously not going to co-operate with his handler on the day!

Minor Puppy Dog

1st -
Strongstorm Swayze (Kavanagh & Snerling) - Stunning 8 month old black brindle with white blaze.  Super head with short foreface,
correct ears used well, dark eye and correct mouth.  Alert expression. Lovely length of neck, straight front, good depth of brisket. 
Nice breed type; expect this boy to excel in the showring.

2nd -  Grayleigh Just Wing N It (L Knights) - Black Brindle/White pup of seven months – nice head, neat ears, dark eye and good expression.  Good front with tight feet.  Promising youngster - slightly  preferred headshape of 1.

3rd -
Staffyhaus Facts N Faith (L Oldenberg) - Black brindle pup with many of the attributes of his peers but preferred leg length of 2. 
Moved and handled well on the day..

Puppy Dog
1st - Powerpaws Made to Order (T & S Henderson
- Compact Red/White dog – distinctive white chest/collar and some white on paws
draws the eye to this attractive youngster.  Well proportioned head, dark eyes.   Good overall construction, ample bone and level topline
held on the move..

2nd -  Keelford Jesse James (W & K Keelan) - Red dog with white marking.  Correct muzzle to skull measurement, dark eyes, neat ears.  Handled well on the day but not the ring presence of 1.

3rd -
Keelford Billy the Kid (W & K Keelan) – Similar type and attributes to 2 but not surprising as the two are litter brothers!  Found the
outline of 2 slightly more my cup of tea.

Junior Dog
1st - Warbydog Heres the Deal (W & K Keelan)
- Red dog, white chest/collar.  Great head, good depth of skull.  Tight, short muzzle,
neat ears and keen expression.  Straight front,  well sprung ribs and well muscled rear.  Nice angulation - moved with purpose and showed himself off well.  Showy youngster with plenty of potential.

2nd - 
Blackshot Sympathy for the Devil (Smid & Hughes)
- Pied boy with nicely proportioned head, dark eye, plenty of bone.  Short coupled, good topline and correct tail carriage.  Preferred the ear carriage of first place dog.  Another upcoming  youngster.

3rd -
Warbydog  Jakuta Jak (P & S Flentjar)
- Deep red and white dog with plenty of substance.  Well shaped head, dark eye and correct mouth.  Straight front, plenty of rib.  Preferred the movement on second.

Intermediate Dog
1st -  Helstaff Atouchovclass (M & L Gibson)
- Standard Black brindle dog with eyecatching white chest and markings plus attitude to match!  Great confirmation, super strong head with broad skull, distinct stop, neat ears, dark eyes and alert expression.  Short coupled, level topline held on the move, good bends of stifle.  Moved and handled well. 

2nd -
Ourknights Simply Sinful (K Colborne) -  Another very attractive black dog with white ‘shirt’ front and markings.  Great head shape with depth aplenty, dark eyes, typey expression and good ear placement.  Sufficient bone, short coupled and nicely angulated. Not an easy choice; 1 got it by a gnat’s whisker on head shape..

3rd -
Ch Wooloostaff The Devils Wingman (S Lambert) - Another great looking black dog with white marking on his chest.  Very little to
choose between these three dogs who share many of the virtues of the SBT standard.  In the event I preferred the balance of second place dog.

Graduate Dog

1st - Brohez Rubin Hurricane (F McBride)
- Well balanced standard black brindle dog with white marking on chest.  Very typey dog with
head of great proportion.  Neat ears and dark eyes giving the keenest expression.   Short muzzle, correct mouth and dentition.  Straight front, lovely length of neck and lay of shoulders.  Well muscled hindquarters.  Shown in lovely condition.

2nd  -
Jetstella Take a Chance (T Sutherland) - Nice head with good underjaw and mouth, short muzzle and dark eye. Moved and handled well. Lost out to 1 on leg length/overall balanc

3rd -
Justaffied A Lil Anarchy (L Boland)
-  Deep red/white dog.  Neat ears, good mouth/dentition. Straight front, good tail carriage.  Not quite the strength in head of 2.

Limit Dog
1st -
 Starshiraz Fire Cracker (D & K Crumpton
) - Lovely confirmation and angulation on this deep red and white dog, shown in fit condition.  Strong head with good stop, deep skull, dark eyes and correct mouth/dentition.  Short foreface, dark muzzle and ‘Look at me!’ expression!  Good shoulders, plenty of rib, and no over exaggeration.  Moved with purpose.   Great pump handle tail, lovely to see.

2nd -
Toploader  Fat Tony (C Heard)
-  Mahogany brindle dog with white chest.  Good breed type illustrated  by classic head shape of good proportions, scissor bite and dark eyes.  Close coupled, strong hindquarters and, again, lovely tail carriage.  Level topline, held on the move. Difficult decision but 1 just had it on expression for me.

3rd - Blaazay Grand Illusion (W Bennett)
- Standard dog with gorgeous dark mahogany brindle colouring and white markings.  Strong head, neat ears and dark eyes, short coupled, well muscled and handled well.  Preferred the muzzle length of 2.

Australian Bred Dog
Class of top quality dogs which could easily compete against those of the United Kingdom and I applaud Australian breeders!

1st - Ch Linwest Thunder Bird (G & A Lindsey) - Super white/black brindle dog with the strong head required of the breed, dark eyes,
neat ears and scissor bite giving very alert expression – caught my eye at once.  Short neck, well laid shoulders, straight front, good depth of brisket and tight feet.  Short coupled with great topline and well muscled hindquarters.  Great movement holding topline – delighted to
award 1st in a very strong class and give  to this lad though he pushed hard for top place!

2nd -
Ch Strezeleki Dare Devil (Draper & Birchall)
- Black brindle dog of type, strength and substance throughout.  Sharing many of the
virtues of 1, another really lovely example of the breed making this a tough decision.  Just pipped at the post on ring presence.

3rd -  
Taino Sitting Bull (L & C Doorackers)
- Another quality exhibit with strong head, good front and overall a well bodied boy. 
Slight preference for the darker eyes of 2.

Open Dog
This was an exceptional class – which is fantastic but really makes it hard to choose a winner.  My three top placed dogs were all first class exhibits and I feel sure that they will change places many times during their show careers.  Congratulations to their exhibitors and breeders!

1st - Ch Mosstrooper Memphis Slim (Consadine & Avery) -  What can I say except this dog had everything for me!
The absolute epitome
of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, he was true to the standard.  Strong head of great proportions, deep through in skull
with breadth to match, well defined cheek muscles, pronounced stop, dark eyes and neat rose ears.  Lovely flow of neck into shoulder and clean fronted.  He has plenty of substance and strength for size and was shown in great, fit condition. Fluid driving movement and showed
like a pro!  Superb animal and one I just couldn’t ignore.  Congratulations!

2nd -
Ch Highbourne Dancing Brave (C & J Frazer)
- Another ‘top drawer’ black brindle dog with lovely head, mouth, and conformation. 
Great outline, super topline, held on the move – really nothing to choose between 1 and 2; sometimes it really is just the dog on the day.

3rd - Ch Likalot Divils Wanderer (D & B Livingstone)
- Great black brindle dog bang on standard and sporting all the attributes required for a really good quality Stafford.  Lovely balance and condition – powerful movement but 2 had slightly more body, which swayed my decision.

Neuter Dog
- Ch Fantazmic Jet to Wooloo (S Lambert).  Black Brindle dog, six years old,  with white blaze.  Good head shape,
neat ears, dark eyes.  Clean lipped with correct dentition.  Well balanced, sporting nice neck length, straight front, short coupling, well
muscled rear and good bend of stifle.  Strong, driving movement. This dog still thinks he is a puppy!

2nd - Dual Ch Our Gang Dont Stop Me Now (A Wolf)
- Brindle dog with dark eyes, rose ears and a keen expression.  Straight front, good
depth of brisket and well sprung ribs.  Lovely rear angulation, moved/showed well – belying his 9 year age tag!  Little to choose between 1
and 2 – slight preference for muzzle length on 1.

3rd - Ch Bronyayr Sir Sookalot (P Bonanno)
-  Standard black brindle with white flash on chest.  Good head with deep skull, neat ears,
correct bite.  Well bodied with ample bone and presented in lovely condition; handled well.  Personally, would have liked a tad more length
of leg.

Baby Puppy Bitch
1st -  Englishidol Highest Honour (G Allen)
- This gorgeous 4 ½ month old Brindle/white puppy is already sporting a lovely, short coupled
body outline.  Good head with plenty of skull, distinct stop, short muzzle, dark eyes and tight lips.  Watch out for this very promising youngster!

2nd - Kypajuka Pleasure and Pain (P & J Walsh)
- Beautiful red bitch with white markings.  Lovely coat colour and condition.  Strong but feminine head of correct proportions with black mask, neat ears and dark eyeskeen expression.  Nicely bodied with lovely angulation and
tight feet.  In my own opinion this lady will have a rosy future, too.(Came to splitting hairs as I could have placed first and second either way.)

3rd -
Englishidol Darkmoon Princess (G Allen)
- Litter sister to 1.  Another lovely puppy and very similar to its sibling, sharing many
virtues. A little heavier than 1 and didn’t have the same ‘get up and go’ attitude!

Minor Puppy Bitch
1st - Grayleigh Ember Rose (L Knights)
- Six month old black brindle with beautifully proportioned body.  Good head shape and proportions, good underjaw and tight lips.  Lovely expression. Clean front, short coupled, well let down hocks.  Showed well for her handler. 

2nd -
Triffstaff Charmed for Life (Frater & Gordon)
- This white/brindle bitch was also six months old and, again, sporting a lovely feminine body outline.   Clean mouth, correct bite, very attractive alert expression and ‘look at me’ attitude.   Just preferred the bend of stifle on 1.

Strongstorm Podium Dancer (Snerling & Cavanagh)
- Another lovely youngster with lots of virtues. Well bodied, smashing head shape, good mouth, distinct stop.  Good angulation.  

Puppy Bitch
1st - Keelford Heart O Dharan (Keelford Knls)
- Black brindle girl, eight months of age,  with white flash on chest.  Sufficient strength in head without losing femininity, clean mouth dark eyes, neat ears, used well.  Body will only improve as she develops her rib and muscle and takes on the big girls!  Moved well.

2nd -
Neworder Never Dark (Dean & Bator)
- Ten month old black/brindle and white bitch with good conformation.  Clean fronted, depth of brisket in line with current stage of development; no exaggeration.  Lovely, tight feet and short nails.  Good head but preferred the muzzle of 1.

3rd - Boldhart Summer Love (A Baxter)
- Brindle lady with smashing head, dark eyes, neat ears, good stop and correct bite – just coming
up to her first birthday!  Plenty of bone, well put together but didn’t move quite as well as 2 on this occasion.

Junior Bitch

1st -
Brohez Darjeeling (AI) (F McBride)
- Just twelve months old -  black/brindle youngster of good breed type with well proportioned head, dark eyes, clean mouth and correct dentition. Good reach of neck flowing into well laid shoulders, short coupled,  good topline,
which she held on the move along with good bend of stifle and nicely muscled hindquarters.

2nd -
Verysharpe Final Edition (T Amos)
- Very  nice head shape on this 15 month old lass.  Correct, clean mouth and neat ears.  Super tight feet.  Correct tail carriage.  1st just took it on overall outline.

3rd -
Jetstella Stop and Stare (Al) (T Sutherland)
-  Seventeen month old attractive black brindle bitch with good head shape, deep skull and defined cheek bumps.  Good underjaw and correct bite.  Nice angulation and shown in fit condition.  Ears slightly heavier than 2.

Intermediate Bitch
1st -
Ch Westrova Stoic Flirt Ina Skirt (F Strover)
- Eye catching White/black brindle pied bitch.  Plenty of head both in terms of depth and
width.  Short muzzle, distinct stop, small, neat ears, dark eyes, clean mouth and correct bite – so not surprising that this young lady looked
so alert!  Straight front, nice length of neck and shoulder placement.  Well muscled rear end and positive  movement.

2nd -
Ch Pepstaff Poker Face (Hunt, Horley & Osborne)
- Attractive, sound brindle bitch.  Feminine headshape but maintaining sufficient strength, rose ears – used well.  Lovely overall balance, short coupled.  Athletic on the move, holding topline.  1 had it on head shape for me.

3rd -
Keelford Genesis (D Treadwell & W & K Keelan)
- Fawn and white girl of lovely proportions.  Nice head, clean mouth and correct dentition.  Moved and handled well.  Preferred length of muzzle on 2.

Graduate Bitch
1st  - Nobre Conquistador (L Lelliott)
-  Black brindle bitch, white markings on chest. Nice head shape and alert expression.  Straight front, well laid back shoulders and good depth of brisket.  Fits well within the Standard.  Presented in fit condition; moved and handled well.

2nd -
Blackshot Shamal Wind (J Griffiths)
-  Brindle and white standard bitch of sufficient strength of head.  Neat ears, clean lips, correct
bite.  Tidy in body with good stifles and lovely tail carriage. Slightly longer back than 1..

3rd -
Linwest Hello Dolly (C Kilby)
- Strong  white/brindle girl with good shaped head, clean mouth and dark eye.  Ample bone,
well ribbed, and shown in lovely condition.  Moved with enthusiasm.  For me 2 had it on overall balance.

Limit Bitch
1st - Ourknights Fire Goddess (K Colborne)
- Fawn bitch, black mask, black rimmed dark eyes evidencing super pigmentation.  
Clean feminine head, tidy ears, good expression.   Good bone, length of neck, straight front good angulation and lovely movement.

2nd- Powerpaws Black Caviar (S Wymark)
- Well bodied black brindle lass.  Good brisket, nice front, bend of stifle and bend of stifle. 
Nice balance of strength and femininity of head.  1 just had it on head shape. 

3rd -
Triffstaff Cookies N Cream (SVine)
-  White pied bitch, head proportions ok, neat ears and correct bite. Plenty of bone, brisket and
rib and another one with good tail carriage.  A little heavier than 2.

Australian Bred Bitch
What a quality class of bitches – probably one of the biggest and best classes I have judged.
  So much competition obviously makes judging much more difficult!  Pleased with my choices though!

1st - Kimerry Whispers in the Night (K Colborne)
-  Standard black brindle bitch.  Super balance and oozing breed type.  Classic head
shape – neat ears, dark eye, good depth of jaw and nicely developed cheek muscles.  Clean through – good front and ample depth of brisket to accommodate well sprung ribcage.  Short coupled; correct rear angulation gave her discernible drive on the move and showed
f as if born to the ring!

2nd -
Ch Solidrock English Edition (Cairns & Hanley)
- Another lovely black brindle girl.  Clean head with good skull width/depth, short muzzle, neat ears, correct scissor bite and tight lips – all contributing to her an alert expression.  Overall balance and conformation made for a very attractive outline.  Preferred the darker eyes of 1.
3rd - Ch Boldhart Whole Lotta Rosie (A Baxter)
-  Fawn girl with black mask and ‘eye liner’.  Strong but clean head.  Short muzzle, clean mouth/lips.  Ample bone, well bodied, pump handle tail.  Preferred overall outline of 2.

Open Bitch
1st - Toploader Black Maria – (C Heard)
-  Showy black brindle bitch – up on her toes and with lots of ring presence.  Classic head of
pleasing proportions, neat ears, clean mouth and darkest of eyes.  She has the front and head that cannot be ignored, good depth of brisket, lovely shoulder placement, ample rib and was well let down on the hocks.  Additionally she was presented in gleaming,
fit condition.
Certainly didn’t show her six and a half years! Well deserving of top honours.

2nd -
Zeracious Wit Supremacy (F & M Coetzer)
-  Eighteen month old white/black brindle standard bitch.  Good skull to muzzle proportions and defined cheek muscles giving lovely head shape.  Clean front and shoulder outline, sufficient brisket to allow for rib development.  Standard girl with good confirmation; just preferred darker eyes of 1.

3rd -
Ch Urbanwater Cherry Bomb (P & J Walsh)
-  Very attractive red bitch with feminine head and expression resulting from the best of
ears, black muzzle and darkest of eyes.  Nicely put together – no over exaggeration and good tail set.  My notes indate that there was very
 little to choose between 2 and 3 and both were lovely girls.

Neuter Bitch
1st & CC NEUTER - Ch Linwest Ella Enchanted (G & A Lindsay)
- Lovely eight year old lady; red/white retaining her head and cheek muscles and sporting good overall conformation and balance.  Clean fronted and short bodied, with good rear angulation.  Brought out in lovely condition, very fit and moved like a youngster!  Many Congratulations!

2nd - Neut Ch Blackshot Thunder Flash (S Kohler) -   Four year old red and white bitch.  Well proportioned head, nice dark eyes, correct bite, clean mouth. Nice, clean outline.  Again, very little to choose between these two girls.  Congratulations!!