7th Championship Show
Judge: Mrs Janet Higgins (UK) 
7th March, 2015      Entry –  194


BABY PUPPY DOG    8 entered, 1 absent BABY PUPPY BITCH    5 entered, 1 absent
1st Powerpaws Ride The Lightning : Cherishapug Knls 1st Englishidol Highest Honour : G Allen
2nd Zeracious Starman : F & M Coetzer 2nd Kypajuka Pleasure And Pain  :  P & J Walsh
3rd Zedistaff Slug The Sloth : R Soutar 3rd Englishidol Darkmoon Princess  : G Allen
4th Bellakuta Angus : H Lomax 4th Likalot Moon Of My Life  : D & B Livingstone
5th Kypajuka The Boys In Town : P & J Walsh 5th  
  MINOR PUPPY DOG   3 entered, 0 absent   MINOR PUPPY BITCH   9 entered, 2 absent
1st Strongstorm Swayze : Kavanagh & Snerling 1st Grayleigh Ember Rose: L Knights
2nd Grayleigh Just Wing N It : L Knights 2nd Triffstaff Charmed For Life : Frater & Gordon
3rd Staffyhaus Facts N Faith : L Oldenberg 3rd Strongstorm Podium Dancer : Snerling & Kavanagh
4th   4th Triffstaff Flipside  Hartbreak : S Vine
5th   5th Boldhart One Last Kiss : A Baxter
  PUPPY DOG   8 entered, 2 absent   PUPPY BITCH    10 entered, 2 absent
1st Powerpaws Made To Order : T & S Henderson 1st Keelford Heart O Dharan :  Keelford Knls
2nd Keelford Jesse James : W & K Keelan 2nd Neworder Never Dark  :  Dean & Bator
3rd Keelford Billy The Kid :  W & K Keelan 3rd Boldhart Summer Love : A Baxter
4th Keelford Zeppelins Demise : W & K Keelan 4th Neworder Beat My Drum  : B & K Marsh
5th Stanbury The Red Viper : I & L Stanley 5th Roughstock Hereistand : D Menadue
JUNIOR DOG   9 entered, 1 absent JUNIOR BITCH    10 entered, 1 absent
1st  Warbydog Heres The Deal : W & K Keelan 1st Brohez Darjeeling (AI) : F McBride
2nd Blackshot Sypathy For The Devil : Smid & Hughes 2nd Verysharp Final Edition : T Amos
3rd Warbydog Jakuta Jak : P & S Flentjar 3rd Jetstella Stop And Stare (AI) : T Sutherland
4th  Brohez The Heisenberg Effect (AI) : McBride & Hodges 4th Warbydog Ice N Fyre  : P & S Flentjar
5th Lachon Love Me Tender : R & J Haley 5th Kasalilly The Trickster : Osborne & Horley
  INTERMEDIATE DOG   7 entered, 0 absent   INTERMEDIATE BITCH    10 entered, 0 absent
1st Helstaff Atouchovclass : M & L Gibson 1st Ch Westrova Stoic Flirt Ina Skirt  : F Strover
2nd Ourknights Simply SinfuL : K Colborne 2nd  Ch Pepstaff Poker Face :  Hunt/Horley/Osborne
3rd Ch Wooloostaff The Devils Wingman  : S Lambert 3rd Keelford Genesis :  D Treadwell
4th Ch Swanky Heavily Armed (AI) : Ross & Avery 4th Ch Blackshot Power Failure :  Smid & Hughes
5th Ch Pitford Master O Puppets : K Roebig 5th Boldhart Dont Call Me Baby : A Baxter
  GRADUATE DOG   4 entered, 0 absent   GRADUATE BITCH   6 entered, 0 absent
1st Brohez Rubin Hurricane (AI)  : F McBride 1st Nobre Conquistador :  L Lelliott
2nd Jetstella Take A Chance T Sutherland 2nd Blackshot Shamal Wind : J Griffiths
3rd Justaffied A Lil Anarchy (AI) : L Boland 3rd  Linwest Hello Dolly : C Kilby
4th Mydozer Trickster : J Griffin 4th Kimbastaff Final Chance : D Basile
5th   5th Kimbastaff Finally Here :  B O’Shea
  LIMIT DOG   11 entered, 0 absent   LIMIT BITCH   10 entered, 0 absent
1st Starshiraz Fire Cracker : D & K Crumpton 1st  Ourknights Fire Goddess : K Colborne
2nd Toploader Fat Tony : C Heard 2nd Seighford Ellava Diva : D & F Lowe
3rd Blaazay Grand Illusion : W Bennett 3rd  Triffstaff Cookies N Cream : S Vine
4th Jolihem The Pharaoh : Mr M Frater/Ms S Gordon 4th Lapwing Dark Destiny : J Morse
5th Dagwoodstaff Gunslinga : P Keane 5th Brikhed Brinee Brewster : M & L Gibson
  AUSTRALIAN BRED DOG   18 entered, 3 absent   AUSTRALIAN BRED BITCH   23 entered, 3 absent
1st Ch Linwest Thunder Bird : G & A Lindsey 1st Kimerry Whispers In The Night : K Colborne
2nd Ch Strzeleki Dare Devil : Draper & Birchall 2nd Ch Solidrock English Edition : K Cairns & S Hanley
3rd Taino Sitting Bull : L & C Doorackers 3rd Ch Boldhart Whole Lotta Rosie : A Baxter
4th Charmstaff Harry The King RN : K Elliott 4th Powerpaws Happy Days : W & K Keelan
5th Ch Westrova Stoic Makers Mark : F Strover 5th Ch Taino Princess Snowflake : L & C Doorackers
  OPEN DOG    18 entered, 2 absent   OPEN BITCH    12 entered, 2 absent
1st Ch Mosstrooper Memphis Slim : Consadine & Avery 1st CH Toploader Black Maria : C Heard
2nd Ch Highbourne Dancing Brave (AI)  : C & J Frazer 2nd Zeracious Wit Supremacy  : F & M Coetzer
3rd Ch Likalot Divils Wanderer (AI) : D & B Livingstone 3rd Ch Urbanwater Cherry Bomb  : P & J Walsh
4th NZ Ch/Aus Ch Powerpaws Two Sox : L Lelliott 4th Ch Brohez Black Art  : F McBride
5th Ch Sookalott The Heartbreaker : D & K Edwards 5th Ch Truhart No Surrender  : Truhart Knls
  Dog Challenge: Ch Mosstrooper Memphis Slim   Bitch Challenge: CH Toploader Black Maria
Reserve Dog Challenge: Ch Linwest Thunder Bird Reserve Bitch Challenge: Zeracious Wit Supremacy
  Neuter Dog & Challenge     4 entered, 1 absent   Neuter BITCH & Challenge    7 entered, 1 absent
1st Ch Fantazmic Jet To Wooloo (Imp UK) : S Lambert 1st Ch Linwest Ella Enchanted : G & A Lindsey
2nd DUAL CH OURGANG DON'T STOP ME NOW AFD CH : A Wolf 2nd Neut Ch Blackshot Thunder Flash :  S Kohler
3rd Ch Bronyayr Sir Sookalot  : Ms P A Bonanno 3rd Charmstaff Madison Avenue :  C Sorensen
4th Neut Ch Borstaff Whos A Toff : B Wilson 4th Ch & Neut Ch Castlebar Lucky Star (AI) : E & L Birkeland
  5th Classicstaff Minni Minor  : M & C Frater
BEST IN SHOW   - Ch Mosstrooper Memphis Slim
RUNNER UP IN SHOW  - Ch Linwest Thunder Bird
BABY PUPPY IN SHOW  - Powerpaws Ride The Lightning
OPPOSITE BABY IN SHOW  - Englishidol Highest Honour
MINOR PUPPY IN SHOW  -  Grayleigh Ember Rose
PUPPY IN SHOW  - Powerpaws Made To Order
OPPOSITE PUPPY IN SHOW  - Keelford Heart O Dharan
JUNIOR IN SHOW   - Brohez Darjeeling (AI)
OPPOSITE JUNIOR IN SHOW   -  Warbydog Heres The Deal
INTERMEDIATE IN SHOW    Helstaff Atouchovclass
OPPOSITE INTERMEDIATE IN SHOW  -  Ch Westrova Stoic Flirt Ina Skirt
GRADUATE IN SHOW  -  Brohez Rubin Hurricane (AI) 
LIMIT IN SHOW  - Starshiraz Fire Cracker
OPPOSITE LIMIT IN SHOW  - Ourknights Fire Goddess
AUSTRALIAN BRED IN SHOW  - Ch Linwest Thunder Bird
OPPOSITE AUSTRALIAN BRED IN SHOW  -  Kimerry Whispers In The Night
OPEN IN SHOW  - Ch Mosstrooper Memphis Slim
OPPOSITE OPEN IN SHOW  - CH Toploader Black Maria
Neuter In Show  - Ch Linwest Ella Enchanted
OPPOSITE Neuter In Show  - Ch Fantazmic Jet To Wooloo (Imp UK)