50th Championship Show

Judge: Mrs Judith Frazer (Aus) Highbourne
13th March, 2016       Entry – 168


Sincere thanks are extended to ALL the hard working Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club Of Victoria Inc Committee for their kind hospitality shown to both myself and Craig, before, during and after their 50th Anniversary Championship Shows March 2016 a truly great milestone to a magnificent breed we all truly love and admire.

Sponsorship rewards are great for the survival of any club shows and required annually, one thing of note I did see was so many loyal sponsorships remain to this club over a period of 25 years....something which should be greatly admired.

Special mention must go to Jacq Hendry and husband Grant, who kindly opened up their magnificent home for Craig and I and treated like royalty during our memorable long weekend in Melbourne, friendships have indeed been forged.

To my able ring steward Mr Arthur Wilson........a HUGE thank you for your support and expertise on my big day, who kept the ring running smoothly and in ‘ship shape’ order.  


Since owing and breeding Staffordshire Bull Terriers, dog showing for me has always been about competing with any specimen that I believe exhibits positive traits towards ‘a good blend of bull and terrier’ as well as being confident, outgoing and above else ‘conditioned’ for the nominated judge to assess.  With this in my mind’s eye I set out to evaluate all who entered under me. 

I found my exhibits of good quality.  All my winners possessed correct dentition; heavy ears are creeping in along with small eyes which gives the Stafford ‘a foreign look’ which is so undesirable. 

Overall my bitch winners had ‘the edge’ on the day.  ‘Congratulations’ to all my winners and placegetters and to those who went without......Thank you for your sportsmanship in the way my decisions were handed out and supporting me on my first specialty appointment.

Baby Puppy Dog
1st -
Blackshot Devils Advocate   White with black markings, just over 4 months of age.  My notes say,  well balanced, clean head and strength in foreface, good width in underjaw, dark round eye, clean lipped, would prefer smaller ear however straight front with ample bone, neat  well padded feet, level top line, good spring of rib, sound and promising. Finished off with the best pigmentation.
Pleased to award him Opposite Baby Puppy In Show.

2nd - Truespring Hot on your Tail

Black brindle, white through throat and chest. Clean headed, more mature than first, showing more top skull than my winner would prefer stronger underjaw and ear carriage but excelled in forequarter angulations and condition.  Shown and handled very well.  Preferred the overall balance and pigmentation in my first placing.

3rd - Likalot Man In The Mirror Black brindle. Another promising pup, head more mature than 1st and 2nd, defined stop, blunt foreface, good width to underjaw, dark eye giving the desired expression, thin rose ears used to advantage, straight front and sufficient bone, well made youngster who pushed hard for second place.  Moved and handled well.  Overall preferred the forequarter’s on 1st and 2nd

Minor Puppy Dog
1st -
Sookalott Armed N Red (AI)
Red with black mask.  Attractive pup of quality and virtues.  Won this class on condition and movement.  Clean head displaying correct proportions, scissor bite, and dark eye which followed me up and down the line up. Ample bone, body well ribbed back, good firm hindquarters, short hocks well let down. Coat smooth and close, of high quality, an expressive youngster who was handled very well from the time he entered the ring to being awarded. Pleased to award him Minor Puppy In Show.

2nd -  Truhaven Kick Up A Storm (AI)
Black brindle.  Alert, well balanced youngster, who was turned out in good condition.  Deep broad head piece, dark eye, blunt muzzle with strong underjaw, well set thin ears used well.  Front clean and wide, ample bone, level top line, well developed second thigh.  Moved out and back with drive and handled well.  Preferred rounder eye on winner.l.  

3rd - Borstaff William Whitehead

Black and white pied.  Attractive clean balanced youngster, who stood four square, clean muzzle of correct ratio to skull, already displaying check muscles, ample bone, gun barrel front, good muscular definition for one so young, short in back.  Short smooth coat in great condition and turned out very well.  Preferred the eye on my first two.    

Pleasure to judge this class.

Puppy Dog
1st - Likalot Iron Will

Black Brindle with White.  Nicely constructed balanced attractive youngster, displaying head of correct proportions, scissor bite, dark round eye and neat rose ear which completed the picture.  Excellent front assembly – ample bone.  Displaying clean muscular definition throughout.  Would however like to see this dog in a little better coat condition i.e. but showing plenty of qualities.  Top line was a little loose today didn’t deny him his first placing.  Pleased to award him Opposite Puppy In Show.

2nd - 
Keelford Cracker Jack
Black Brindle.  Nicely conditioned and presented young dog.  Clean headpiece showing no exaggerations and correct muzzle/skull ratio, scissor bite, clean lipped. Ear carriage slightly high set, clean front, well padded feet, with ample bone, conditioned dog of nice proportions, moved with drive.  Handler tends to place hind legs too far back which had him stretched out in the line up.  Preferred round eye on 1st place.

3rd - Savion Stand And Deliver
Dark Tiger Brindle.  Alert and upstanding stronger youngster than 1st and 2nd. Pleasing clean head piece of good proportions, dark eye, would prefer a smaller ear, clean front ample bone, compact feet, adequate rib, correctly angled rear moved with purpose, turned out and presented in good condition, longer cast than my 1st and 2nd placegetters.

Junior Dog
1st -
Artisnal Most Wanted
Black brindle with white.  Attractive  youngster displaying virtues of the breed.  Deep broad skull, good width of underjaw, would prefer darker eye, neat thin ears used well, ample bone/substance, strong muscular neck, clean front, good depth of brisket, a smart dog when he’s on his toes.  Won class on overall balance, show presentation and handling, better in hindquarters than 2nd place.  Pleased to award him Opposite Junior In Show

2nd - 
Jetstella Braws Grip
Black Brindle.  Lacked overall maturity than first place.  However displays so many virtues of the breed.  Balanced and super clean in outline.......a lot to like.  Ultra clean headpiece of correct proportions would prefer a tidier ear and didn’t show himself off too well....was a bit shy on the day.  Viewing him side on I recall making a note, great depth of brisket with good spring of rib, nice package....could have pushed first place harder if presented better.

3rd - Bronyayr The Raidon
Black brindle white.  Stronger cast and more mature than 2nd place.  Alert showy youngster who demanded attention.  Deep broad skull, great width of under jaw, dark eye that looked right into you.... neat thin ears, beautiful expression.  Straight front, ample bone, toned muscular body, short in back, presentation and handling was very good.  Overall preferred the movement on 1st and 2nd winners.

Intermediate Dog
1st -  Ch Strongstorm Swayze
Black Brindle - Standard sized, well balanced conditioned dog displaying great virtues.  Seasoned showman who never put a foot wrong the entire time in the class.  Broad deep skull, blunt muzzle, strength and width in underjaw, scissor bite, neat rose thin ears, dark round eye ....which I personally feel is becoming all too rare.  Correct straight front, however handler tends to place him with ‘slightly’ too wide on occasions which spoils his overall view.  Ample bone, short in back, good tuck up, muscular and handled well.  Covered the ground with economy of effort.  In CC line up, preferred the overall size and balance on my winners.  Pleased to award him Opposite Intermediate in Show

2nd - Warbydog Jakuta Jack
Red with white.  Attractive upstanding dog who caught my attention immediately prior to entering the ring.  Turned out and presented in the very best of condition.  Appealing clean headpiece displaying correct balance, pronounced check muscles, dark round eye, good width of underjaw, cheek muscles evident, his correct expression made me look further longer and harder.  Good front, ample bone well padded feet, side on profile showcased lovely depth of brisket, short in back with level top line.  Bit unsettled on the day, another one who moved well – just preferred the forequarter angulations on my winner.

3rd -
Ch Likalot Childs Play
Black brindle with white.  Another virtuous typey dog who was presented and handled well.  Strength in top skull but not overdone head of good shape, thin ears, dark eyes, well developed cheek muscles, showing strength in underjaw.  Straight front, ample bone, another with good feet, side on profile great depth of brisket.  Overall a balanced relaxed dog on the move. Preferred shorter coupling on second place.

Graduate Dog

1st -
Jetstella Hidden Enigma  
Black/Brindle.   More mature than litter brother in previous class.  Appealing headpiece displaying correct balance, blunt muzzle, pronounced check muscles, dark eye, good width to underjaw displaying good expression.  To be picky would prefer cleaner lips and tail to be trimmed to enhance his hindquarters.  Well balanced dog, correct front assembly, short coupled, just a little shy today.  Pleased to award him Opposite Graduate In Show.

2nd  -
Sookalot Hearts on Fire

White /Red.  Up on leg strong youngster.  Broad deep skull, blunt muzzle, strength and width in underjaw, scissor bite, would prefer smaller ears, dark eye.  Straight front, just a shade narrow, with ample bone, good depth of brisket, longer in loin to my first placegetter, strong well angulated hindquarters, with correct tail set.  Turned out to a very high standard and expertly handled.  Moved with good reach and drive.

3rd  - Keelford Zeppelins Demise
Red.  Another also up on leg, did not have the head piece as 1 and 2 however showed good expression, possessing dark eye well set and thin rose ears.  Straight front showing more width than second place, short back well muscled hind quarters, shown in good condition.

Limit Dog
1st -  Starshiraz Fire Cracker

Red.  Standard sized active agile.  Head with enough depth and width, dark eye, strong muzzle with correct bite, small ears just a little flighty which spoils the expression, but that did not detract the virtues of the dog.  Short in back put down in the best condition (top honours in this class) which got him over the line, coat smooth short and close in great condition.  Moved OK....however when looking up at his handler on the move this dog tends to elevate his front.  Pleased to award him Opposite Limit In Show.

2nd -
Sookalot All Fired
Red.  Good sized well balanced dog.  Head with keen expression showing good depth and width.  Darkest of eyes and small rose ears completed the picture.  Straight front with good forechest, ample bone level top line and short in loin, good rear angulation.  Would have liked to see this dog in harder condition.  A little full on for his handler today.   

3rd - Charmstaff Let’s Rock
Black brindle with white.  Stronger dog possessing head of good proportions.  Round eye however would prefer darker, well placed ear could be smaller.  Strong neck into well muscled front with plenty of bone.  Strong back with good spring of rib.  Muscled hindquarters would prefer a better turn of stifle.  Presented in good condition and handled well.  Preferred overall balance of the first and second.  

Australian Bred Dog
1st - Ch Pitford Master O Puppets
Black Brindle.  An animated striking, active dog that oozed breed type.  Outstanding clean head, chiselled deep broad skull, displaying keen expression, round eye, defined stop, neat thin rose ears.... something we are losing in the breed....correct bite, overall a head of great virtues.  Straight front with correct angulations.  Well padded feet. Deep brisket, with good spring of rib, strong level top line. Muscled hindquarters with great turn of stifle which enabled plenty of drive. Finished off with a well set pump handle tail.  Presented and expertly handled.  My CC Dog & Opposite Australian Bred In Show.

2nd - Ch Swanky the Enforcer

Black Brindle – Balanced athletic sound type.  Would prefer more top skull on this exhibit and rounder eye, displaying good foreface, scissor bite, clean lip neat thin rose ears.  Straight front and depth of brisket, level top line, short in loin, good rear angulations.  He moved with determination.  I felt that my first place winner had the right blend of bull and terrier.  Turned out in top nick and expertly handled.   

3rd -  
Strongstorm the Gift

Black brindle.  Standard sized, muscular, well balanced athletic sound type who stood four square and demanded attention.  Quality clean headpiece of correct proportions, defined stop.... showing no exaggerations.  Dark round eye, well developed cheek muscles, would prefer a smaller ear.  Head set on a strong neck, excellent front, correct bone and substance, level top line, strong hindquarters.  Preferred the expression on my first two placings.

Open Dog
1st - Ch Stanbury Strike the Stars
White with red.  Balanced quality type, with attractive outline. Deep skull with blunt foreface beautiful round eye of medium size set correctly in skull giving him the desired keen expression, well developed cheek muscles, scissor bite. Super clean front and shoulders, ample bone, level top line stacked and on the move, sound backend.  Can elevate his head just a little too high on occasions.  Pleasure to go over him.  My RCC.  Pleased to award him Opposite Open In Show.  

2nd -
Ch Linwest Thunderbird.
Brindle/White pied. Attractive, alert, good type who stood four square.  Deep skull, short foreface with strength, defined stop, with clean lip.  First-rate expression helped by his round dark eyes.  Good width and depth of chest, ample bone, short in back, strong well defined muscular hindquarters. Excellent pigmentation, coat texture was of high quality.  A well made dog of good virtues.      

3rd - Ch Neworder Thundaboltn Lightning
White.  Total showman in tune with his handler. Powerful classy well defined dog. Deep broad head, blunt muzzle with strong underjaw, dark eye, another who displayed excellent pigmentation and coat texture. Front clean and wide, ample bone, level top line, muscular hindquarters, with well developed second thigh. Moved out and back with purpose.  Overall preferred the blend of bull and terrier on my class winner today. All in all a very nice trio of dogs.

Neuter Dog
- Neut Ch Kypajuka Violent Demise
Brindle with white.  Standard sized, well balanced.  Head of good proportions with depth and width, pleasing expression, and small ears.  Strong neck into straight front, with good forechest, short level back.  Good turn of stifle with short hocks and a neat pump handle tail.  Turned out and handled well ...still showing muscle definition.   Pleased to award him Opposite Neuter In Show

2nd - Neut Ch Fantazmic Jet To Wooloo (Imp UK)
Black brindle.  More mature just losing a bit of muscle tone.  Pleasing head of good proportions with well placed small neat rose ear, well placed dark eye set in skull.  Straight front with good bone and correct lay of shoulder.   Well sprung ribs, short coupled with a nice turn of stifle.  Showed well and enjoyed his day in the limelight

3rd - Neut Ch Borstaff Who`s a Toff
Brindle. Up to size carrying a few extra pounds today. Clean good shape head would just prefer a little more strength, beautiful dark round eye, with well placed small ears.  Straight front with plenty of width and depth, ample spring of rib, level top line.  Showed and handled well.

Baby Puppy Bitch  
1st -  Likalot In The Groove

Black Brindle.  Memories came flooding back when I saw this young puppy enter the ring.....hard to look away.  Same stamp of our old girl when she was a youngster “Ch Rayonnoire Canny Bairn”.    Classic head of great proportions, beautiful dark eye, and neat rose ears giving “THAT” correct expression we as breeders are chasing.  Clean smooth lines throughout, straight front with great bone with good length of leg.  Deep brisket and good forequarter angulations, ample spring of rib level top line held on the move. Nice second thigh with well let down hocks. This kennel is producing some wonderful stock and I for one would be excited to have a youngster of this quality.  I will certainly be keeping an eye out on this girl’s future.  Pleased to award her Baby In Show..    

2nd - Neworder Tiptoe Thru The Tulips

Black and white pied.  More mature than first, with plenty of virtues. Clean head of good proportions and attractive expression, clean lipped, small rose ears, dark eye, with good pigment.  Straight front with good depth and length of brisket, ample bone, tad longer in back than my winner, firm level top line, sound hindquarters for a youngster, moved with determination.  Turned out and presented in superb condition.  Another quality bitch who I will also follow with interest.

3rd -
Boldhart Strike Me Pink
Mahogany Brindle.  Younger than first two place getters.  Cobby with good substance and bone. Promising head, clean and strong, round dark eye, giving very desirable  expression, ear of good shape would prefer a little thinner.  Straight front, plenty of bone, displaying good forechest, short in back, great spring of rib, level top line and sound backend.  Overall a well balanced puppy who was happy and outgoing.  Turned out and handled well

Minor Puppy Bitch
1st - Toploader Rowdy Rousey 
Black brindle, good breed type up on leg.  Head of good proportions, deep stop, good round dark eye, clean lipped with neat thin ears. Straight front with enough bone, good lay of shoulder and level top line with spring of rib and short coupled.  Muscle definition throughout hindquarters, short hocks.  A nicely balanced bitch.  Presented in hard fit condition for a youngster.  Pleased to award her Opposite Minor In Show.

2nd - Beaurite The Wicked
Black brindle.  Another youngster with plenty of virtues.  Head not as clean as first but still of good proportions, blunt foreface with a developed underjaw. Dark eye, defined stop showing cheek muscles, would prefer a slightly smaller ear. Has maturity in her neck running into clean shoulders.  Straight front, good depth of brisket, level top line, moved well front and rear. Promising puppy who I will watch with interest.   Just preferred the overall expression on my winner.

3rdWooloostaff Got It Flaunt It

Black brindle more mature than first two placings.  Attentive bitch, head of good width and depth, blunt foreface dark well placed eyes, preferred the ear size and shape on my winner.  Wide front good depth of brisket with ample bone, well spring ribs and firm top line, solid hindquarters.  Has desired texture of coat.  Moved quite well.  

Puppy Bitch
1st - Swanky Let Her Rip

Black brindle.  Attractive, confident, attentive showy pup who is balanced throughout and turned my head all the way through judging the class. Clean feminine head piece displaying strength in muzzle, rose ears, however would prefer a rounder eye.   Muscular neck on clean front, good depth of brisket level top line.  Profile displayed good tuck up in loin. Strength in hindquarters for a youngster. Put down in good condition, moved soundly.  Pigmentation and coat condition was good which completed her overall picture.  Pleased to award her Puppy In Show.    

2nd -
Bxact Secret Agent
Black brindle stronger type than first displaying quality and virtues.  Head piece of clean correct proportions, beautiful expression with strength in foreface, good width in underjaw, dark round eye, clean lipped, small rose ears. Straight front with good width of forechest, deep brisket, ample bone, plenty of rib.  Just preferred the hindquarters and confidence on my winner.  

3rd - Lachon Ssssssmokin
Black brindle, quality puppy showing plenty of strength.  Extremely beautiful head and expression, displaying strength with good depth and width with strong muzzle.  Dark round eye with well placed rose ears.  Excellent front, wide and deep, with strong bone, well angulated hindquarters with short hocks.  Lost out on higher placing due to her soft top line and overall condition today in this company.
Trio of quality bitches nice class to judge

Junior Bitch
1st - Sookalott Eternal Flame
White bitch.  Impressive bitch with great breed type.  Superb head and expression, enhanced with defined stop.  Dark round eyes, correctly placed in skull, blunt foreface with good underjaw, would prefer smaller thinner ears.  Clean front displaying good width and forechest, well boned limbs of good length.  Ample substance, level top line kept on the move.  Strength in hindquarters with good muscle definition.  Powerful on the move with economy of effort.  Expertly handled, and turned out in top nick.  Pleased to award her Junior In Show.

2nd -
Jagarra Kokpelli

Black brindle.  Finer type than first, athletic balanced youngster showing no exaggerations.  Feminine head of good proportions, clean muzzle, nice dark round eye with well set rose ears.  Straight front with enough bone and good depth of brisket.  Firm level top line carried on the move.  Won second place on virtues, just preferred the overall balance of my winner.   

3rd -
Anvilhart Ooh La La (AI)
Brindle with white.  Showy, alert bitch up on leg who stood four square.  Head of good proportions, clean with strong muzzle, would prefer a rounder eye, neat rose ears used to advantage.  Strong neck into straight well muscled wide front.  Pleasing body shape.  Sound bitch that moved well with determination.   

Intermediate Bitch
1st - Warbydog Ice N Fyre

White with red.  Classic feminine virtuous bitch displaying bull and terrier type.  Turned out in flawless condition.  Quite excited once I saw this girl enter the ring for me as she JUST stood out.  Beautiful headpiece of depth and width, darkest round eye giving the correct expression, good strength in muzzle with powerful underjaw, small rose ears completed the picture.  Muscular neck set on broad front with good bone, good forequarter angulations, strength in top line which was held on the move, short coupling, well defined hindquarters housing good second thigh and short hocks.  Excellent pigmentation.  Would of liked to see her more confident throughout her time in the ring.    Delighted to award her Runner Up Best Exhibit In Show & Intermediate In Show.

2nd -
Ch Westrova Stoic Flirt Ina Skirt

Black/White Pied.  Striking well put together quality bitch who pushed my winner hard.  Feminine clean headpiece displaying both depth and width, distinct stop, round dark eyes set to look ahead well developed cheek muscles, clean lip, good strong underjaw, set on excellent well muscled neck, clean straight front with good depth of brisket.  Plenty of substance and rib, well boned.  Very sound moving bitch with enough virtues to win second in this very good class.

3rd - Strongstorm Podium Dancer
Black brindle.  Another virtuous bitch displaying, correct balance of bull and terrier in terrific show condition.   Great depth and width in head with a beautiful dark round eye giving THAT desired expression we as Stafford fanciers seek. Rose ears, however would prefer them to be smaller.  Muscular neck which ran into her powerful shoulders, superb front, plenty of rib, level firm top line.  Moved very soundly with a cracking backend.  Strong in pigmentation, coat was short and close.  Turned out in the best order.  Preferred the length of leg in my first two.  Expertly handed.

Trio of top drawer girls who I had the pleasure to put my hands on.  Thank you

Graduate Bitch
1st  - Triffstaff Flipside O Hartbreak

Black brindle.  Standard sized with a lot of qualities who was carrying extra weight today. Good skull with strength in foreface, distinct stop, lovely round eye, good width in underjaw, clean lip finishing off with rose ears.  Gun barrel front with plenty of forechest and good depth of brisket.  Held level top line on the move.  Would love to see this bitch in fit condition.  Pleased to award her Graduate In Show.

2nd - Kimbastaff Finally Here
Brindle with white.  Athletic bitch who stood four square showing good balance and turned out in good condition.  Clean headpiece spoilt by her flighty ear carriage.  Straight front with good bone and depth in brisket, well sprung ribs with level firm top line, side on profile displayed good tuck up in loin.  Well muscled defined hindquarters and moved with purpose.  Coat of good texture.  Well handled and presented.

3rd - Sookalott Burning Desire

White with black. Stronger cast than my first two, displaying qualities and virtues.  Headpiece is deep and broad, correct eye shape/colour and position with good width to underjaw. Correct front with plenty of substance and bone.  Good angulations in front and rear.  Preferred the shortness in loin and overall size of my first two place getters

Limit Bitch
1st - Keelford Genesis

Fawn.  Standard sized possessing good breed type and balanced throughout. Clean headpiece of correct proportions, expressive round eye, good ear carriage, width of muzzle and underjaw.  Straight front displaying good with and depth of brisket, ample bone.  Beautiful forequarter angulations, short in back firm in loin with well angulated hind quarters.  Turned out in very good condition and expertly handled.  One hard to go past........ however was unsettled throughout her time in the ring.    Pleased to award her Limit In Show.

2nd- Bxact The Pandorica Opens
Black Brindle. Stronger bitch than first but possesses plenty of breed type with a lot to like.  Super headpiece of great proportions, displaying good expression and good width of underjaw, however would prefer a darker eye.  Straight front with right amount of brisket showing.  Well padded feet. Beautiful forequarter angulation mirroring her well angulated hind quarters. Sound movement and handled well.  For me my first place winner had the edge in overall condition. 

3rd -
Wyowna Salt N Peppa Shaka
Black brindle with white.  Upstanding attractive girl well balanced girl who was turned out especially well.  Excellent expression, good width of underjaw, developed cheek muscles deep skull, defined stop.  Ears a little large but turned out in great condition.  Correct straight front showing ample bone and substance with level top line and good rear angulations.  Coat of good texture and pigment.  Moved quite soundly.  Preferred overall type of first two.

Australian Bred Bitch
1st -
Ch Pepstaff Poker Face
Brindle.  Picture of health and vitality.  Turned out immaculately........would have been the BEST conditioned Stafford in the show which carried her forward.  If anyone needs to know how to condition their dogs for competition ....this handler/owner has THE recipe.  Alert, confident, balanced, well put together show girl.  Deep skull, strength in foreface, dark round eyes, rose ears preferred to be ‘tidier’.  Muscular neck with straight front and good bone. Good forechest and depth of brisket. Short level back with spring of rib, firm loin.  Muscular hindquarters with developed hams.  Well set tail.  Handled with precision.  Preferred rear movement on my CC & RCC winners. 

2nd -
Usherin Ashes And Diamonds
White with black.  Feminine bitch - standard sized well balanced throughout.  Little immature compared to 1st place heavy ticking. Nice shaped head showing good width, depth and clean lipped.  Dark round eye and rose neat thin ears.  Broad front with good depth of brisket, ample bone, good forequarter angulations, ribs well sprung. Sound movement would have just preferred her to have been put down in harder condition and display more animation.   

3rd - Gr Ch Vanstaff Crazy In Love.
Red.  Strong standard sized bitch who stood four square.  Head of good proportions however would prefer less wrinkling dark round eye and neat thin rose ears which were used to her advantage.  Wide front with good brisket, ample bone and great spring of rib.  Moved with plenty of reach and drive. Preferred coat texture on first two. Handled well.    

Open Bitch
1st -
Ch Neworder Beat My Drum
Black brindle with white.  Boom.....Boom.....Full of breed type and had my attention from the moment she moved into the ring.  Great head with perfect balance, clean deep and broad, lovely expressive round dark eye which looked straight at me. (something that I personally feel is being lost in the breed ).  Fine well set rose ears, possessing strength in underjaw, clean lipped.  Pronounced cheek muscles with lovely top skull.   Gun barrel front which housed the best forechest and depth of brisket.  Round bone displaying excellent forequarter angulation, great spring of rib, short level top line held on the move.  Powerful backend with good second thigh and well let down hocks. Well set tail that finished off .....for me the perfect picture of what a Staffordshire bull terrier should be.  Moved true - out and back with great propulsion.  Expertly handled.  My pleasure to award her Best Exhibit In Show & Open In Show.

2nd - Ch Toploader Black Maria
Black brindle.   A top drawer mature bitch who stood four square and looked great.... one who I have ALWAYS admired, oozing breed type and balance.  Clean head piece of correct proportions, good width in underjaw, round dark eye, neat rose ears used to advantage to give her THAT correct desired expression.  Strong muscular neck flowing into a straight clean front of good bone, nice lay of shoulder with ample spring of rib.  Carried her firm top line possessed well angulated muscular hindquarters and well let down hocks.  Excellent pigmentation.  Put down in super fit condition

3rd - Ch Urbanwater Cherry Bomb

Red with black mask.  Eye-catching feminine finer type than first two although displaying abundant qualities and virtues.  Clean chiselled headpiece with definite stop, round dark eyes correctly set in skull, blunt foreface good width in underjaw, clean lipped, neat small ears add to the “desired” expression we aim for.  Muscular neck flowing into straight front.  Firm level top line which she carried on the move.  Preferred the spring of rib and shorter coupling on my first two. Good pigmentation. Moved and showed well with her handler.  A good trio of bitches. 

Neuter Bitch
1st & CC NEUTER - Neut Ch Classicstaff Minni Minor
Brindle.  Switched on, confident animated lady showing all the attributes a STAFFORD should be who was up on her toes right from the word go – loved her beaming smiling face as she strutted around the ring...total zest for life.  Chiselled feminie headpiece with dusting of grey of correct proportions, clean lipped.  Excellent expression due to placement and size of her beautiful large round eyes.  Lighter framed girl showing good length of leg, straight front, level top line, short coupling, carrying the least amount of weight in this class. Good condition of coat. Pleased to award her Neuter In Show. 

2nd - Charmstaff Madison Avenue
Brindle.  Standard heavier type than first.  Pleasing head piece of good proportions, well developed cheek muscles well placed round eye, good ear carriage.  Wide front, ample bone, deep brisket, would prefer more length of leg to balance her.  Moved OK. Not in the condition as my winner

3rd - Jamelkur Shine On

Black brindle.  Upstanding bitch of good type and proportions.  Clean head, dark expressive round eyes set to look ahead, would prefer more top skull and tidier ears.  Straight front with good forequarter angulations, short in back firm hindquarters.  Coat smooth and close turned out in fit condition.