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     In celebration of the 50th SBTCV championship show anniversary weekend, the club is running a invite only SBTCV 2016 Quest for the Best Competition.

This was last run by the club in 2000 and was hugely popular.

Over 60 staffords and owners who won a CC or RCC (dogs and bitches) at an Australian Stafford Specialty show during 2014 and 2015 have been invited.
This event is being held on Friday March 11th 2016 from 4pm at KCC Park.

Invitees will be judged by a panel of 3 SBTCV Stafford Specialists:
Dr David Lowe (Seighford), Mrs Annette Baxter (Boldhart) and Mrs Carol Smith (Nuklnoz)
 in a round robin type affair.
The SBTCV hopes to see you at this exciting event, celebrating our top winning show staffords from across 2014 and 2015.
For more information about the Quest for the Best
please contact Erica Schelfhorst or Sue Lambert


63 staffords have been invited to compete in the SBTCV 2016 'Quest for the Best'
and just over 20 have accepted the invite to date. 
A reminder that RSVPs close on 1st Feb 2016 to either myself or Sue Lambert.
If you didn’t receive your invite please let me know

The SBTCV looks forward to seeing any of the following invited staffords
Akinos Charming the Storm Sup Ch Anvilhart Hot on your Heels
Grd Ch Vanstaff Crazy In Love Ch Vanstaff Penny Black
Ch Blackshot Power Failure Ch BlacksnoSmudge
Boldhart Don’t Call Me Baby Boldhart Summer Love
Brohez Rubin Hurricane Ch Brohez Black Art
Ch Brookshire Davros Ch Brookshire Lady Cassandra
Ch Pitford Master O Puppets Bxact The Pandorica Opens
Ch Castlebar the Confederate Sup Ch Castlebar Rise N Shine
Artisinal Most Wanted Ch Artisinal Why So Serious
Ch Artisinal The Pawn Queen Ch Highbourne Dancing Brave
Ch Highbourne Belle de Jour Ch Highbourne Knock on Wood (AI)
Ch Highbourne Magic Of Sydney Ch Jeolena Uppity Miss
Kabere Devil Wears Prada Ch Izumis Gorgeous Jorge (Imp UK)
Krazystaff Wotta Babe Ch Urbanwater Cherry Bomb
Ch Likalot Childs Play Ch Likalot Divils Wanderer (AI)
Ch Linwest Thunderbird  Ch Lynneve Black Hawk Down
Magnumstaff Below Zero  Ch Mosstrooper Memphis Slim
 Ch Mosstrooper Marjorie Razorblade Ch Pepstaff Poker Face
Ch Dagwoodstaff Missys Girl Ch Rockport Truble Brewin
Ch Solidrock Pyromaniac Ch Sookalott The Heartbreaker
Ch Stanbury Strike The Stars Ch Stanbury Rasberry Beret
Ch Starshiraz The Hustler Ch Strongstorm Swayze
Sup Ch Jewlhart Numoon Diablo Ch Strongstorm Podium Dancer
Ch Castlebar Hide The Halo Ch Castlebar Full Metal Jacket (AI)
Ch Swanky Heavily Armed CH Swanky The Enforcer (AI)
Ch Taino Sitting Bull Ch Toploader Black Maria
Ch Tramac Shut Up and Kiss Me Keelford Genesis
Ch Usherin Sacre Bleu Vanstaff Powerbuilt
Ch Westrova Stoic Makers Mark Ch Westrova Stoic Flirt Ina Skirt
Ch Fantazmic Jet to Wooloo Ch Wooloostaff The Devils Wingman (AI)
Ch Wooloostaff The Devil Sent Me Zeracious All The Talk
 Zeracious Wit Supremacy  




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3) Photograph of said dog
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