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History of the SBTCV & about the club


In the early 1970's a very small group of Stafford enthusiasts banded together to form the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of Victoria.

The club was officially affiliated with the Victorian Kennel Control Council after 1975 and held its first championship show in 1978.

About the Club

There are a number of reasons why this is a great club to join.

They include:

♦ The Club has long held a reputation for being "the friendly club" and its members work hard at maintaining this differentiator within its ranks.

♦ A Club operates a website,

♦ The Club has a "Stafford Shop", where the enthusiast can purchase quality memorabilia of the breed at very competitive prices.

♦ Given the 3 points above and the reasonable Membership fees, the Members of this Club see real value for money in remaining!

♦ The club provides advice on showing, breeding, health testing, obedience and buying puppies

♦ The club runs 2 championship shows, 1 open show and other events such as members competitions, fun days, walks, breed seminars

♦ A puppy listing service is available to buy and sell puppies

♦ Occasional health and breed lectures are arranged

♦ Obedience classes are occasionally arranged


Membership is affordable for the average household. It is not solely restricted to Victorians or show staffords, anyone can be a member.

Membership costs

$33 for a family/dual

$28 for a single

$23 for a Aged pensioners

$5 for juniors

Memberships run from January to December.